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Udemy – A Beginners Guide to Generative AI – Images Video Music Free Download

Udemy – A Beginners Guide to Generative AI – Images Video Music Free Download

Synthesia, Adobe Firefly, DALLE-2, Midjourney, GPT-3, Voicify, Soundful

What you’ll learn
Learn what is generative video
Learn how to create their first AI Video
Learn about other forms of AI like CHATGPT & Generative AI art with DALLE-2, Midjourney
Learn how to improve the production value of their AI Video in Final Cut & Premiere Pro
Get a Cutting Edge introduction to Adobe Firefly Beta & Adobe Photoshop Beta Generative Fill
Learn the fun world of Music AI making your own beats and using popular voices
Adobe Photoshop Beta – Generative Fill

Computer with fast internet and a web browser

Our Beginners Guide to Generative AI is a great starting point for beginners or creators that want to start to get their feet wet in the world of generative AI.2023 has been a breakout year for CHATGPT-4 and Microsoft New Bing, but the power of Artificial Intelligence goes beyond text responses.Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of cutting edge applications from Images, Music, Popular voice covers of Donald Trump, and Video. Many people have heard of CHATGPT4, which is primarily focused on providing text responses back to uses. Our beginner’s course will cover other platforms such as Adobe Firefly (Beta), Midjourney, and Dalle to provide you the landscape and practical knowledge in this field. Adobe Firefly also provides additional applications like Text Effects and Vector colours and creatives will get early exposure to these beta applications.Adobe Photoshop Beta Generative Fill has been released with AI capabilities covered in this course.We will also teach you how to get started using AI to convert your favourite songs to popular AI voices like Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Drake & more using Voicify. We also also get you started creating your own music beats for use in your social media using the platform soundful.The end game points to text to Video. An in our text to video section we will give you an introduction to the text to Video application of Synthesia where you can create videos with AI avatars in multiple languages and export/import your videos into powerpoint slides and vice versa. We will even show you show to edit these video downloads in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro

Who this course is for
Anyone that wants to learn to create Videos with AI Technology,Creatives and Entrepreneurs


UdemyABeginnersGuidetoGenerativeAIImagesVideoMusic.part3.rar – 535.0 MB
UdemyABeginnersGuidetoGenerativeAIImagesVideoMusic.part1.rar – 535.0 MB
UdemyABeginnersGuidetoGenerativeAIImagesVideoMusic.part2.rar – 535.0 MB
UdemyABeginnersGuidetoGenerativeAIImagesVideoMusic.part5.rar – 535.0 MB
UdemyABeginnersGuidetoGenerativeAIImagesVideoMusic.part4.rar – 535.0 MB
UdemyABeginnersGuidetoGenerativeAIImagesVideoMusic.part6.rar – 452.2 MB

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