Zoo Tools Pro 2.7.6 Maya Free Download

Zoo Tools Pro 2.7.6 Maya Free Download

Introducing Zoo Tools Pro 2.7.6, now compatible with Maya 2024 and boasting a new Chat GPT Window!

The innovative Zoo Chat GPT window allows you to access Maya support and seamlessly write code using natural language, right within Maya 2022 and subsequent versions!

Zoo Tools 2 is a modular framework for Maya that would be useful for artists and TDs/developers. You can either just use it or add your own tools if you’re a coder.

The developers pointed out that toolsets are only one aspect of Zoo Tools 2. The update will also bring new auto-rigger, browsers for image-based tools, preferences windows, trigger marking menus, hotkeys and more.

Zoo.Tools.Pro 2.7.6.Maya.part1.rar – 540.0 MB
Zoo.Tools.Pro 2.7.6.Maya.part2.rar – 540.0 MB
Zoo.Tools.Pro 2.7.6.Maya.part3.rar – 540.0 MB
Zoo.Tools.Pro 2.7.6.Maya.part4.rar – 540.0 MB
Zoo.Tools.Pro 2.7.6.Maya.part5.rar – 483.5 MB

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