Why do global businesses need multilingual marketing

A strong multilingual brand strategy is essential for global business owners. Contrary to most businesses that have only English websites, your company can target the maximum number of potential customers. A large portion of Asians don’t know English. For example, 509 million Chinese speakers speak Chinese, making it the second most widely spoken language in the world after English. Yet, only 3.3% is available in Chinese. It seems like cloud-based translation management is missing out on a large chunk of potential customers.

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Companies that wish to reach global audiences will need global enterprise localization. They use advanced tools like a cloud based translation management system Family Office Singapore, and work with language service provider platforms. Let’s look at the importance of multilingual marketing to global companies.

What’s Multilingual Marketing?

Multilingual marketing, as the name implies, is a way to promote your product in foreign markets using more than one language. Multilingual marketing allows you to market in the native language of your audience to increase brand engagement and resonance. Multilingual marketing is more than just translating your brand message into another language. Multilingual marketing campaigns must be designed taking into account the cultural and social norms of your target market. It is more than translating to another language. Translates are not enough to preserve the brand message. Localization is essential for your social media pages, ads, and blog content.

The Significance Of Multilingual Marketing For Global Businesses

Businesses have many options, but it is difficult to survive in highly competitive markets due to rapid globalization. Customers have high expectations of businesses, given the many choices available on the market. Customers are not only concerned about the product’s quality, but also the brand experience. Multilingual marketing can help you optimize your brand experience and reach your target audience deeper. Companies must adapt their brand messages to local languages to maximize their ROI. Many big brands have made serious brand localization errors and relied on unreliable resources. KFC’s slogan in China was changed from “figure-licking good” into “eat your body off”. This didn’t go down well with Chinese customers. For multilingual marketing, it is important to partner with reliable language service providers.

Why do brands need cloud-based translation management systems?

You must make your products and services more familiar to foreign customers if you want them to notice you. Instead of presenting yourself as a foreign brand you should focus on local traits to make your brand more relatable to local customers. It will help you achieve better marketing results and more prominent results. Here are some benefits of multilingual marketing to your international brand.

Customers prefer Native Content

Globalization is causing a dramatic shift in customer buying habits all over the globe. With so many options on the market today, it can be difficult to get customers’ attention to your brand. Research has shown that customers are more inclined to purchase from websites in their native languages. It is easier for people to connect with content in their native languages, which can make them more resilient when purchasing anything. It is possible to communicate in the native language of your customers and establish long-lasting relationships.

Not Everyone Understands English

There is a common misconception in the west about the English language. Because English is an international language, most people who use the internet can understand it. This is wrong, as the majority of people in Asia can understand and speak English. If you’re targeting the Asian market (let’s say China), you’re wasting all your marketing efforts. You must design a brand experience that caters to target customers, given the diversity of culture and languages. Multilingual marketing eliminates any language barriers between you and customers. This allows you to communicate your brand message better to your customers.

Increase Brand Visibility using cloud-based translation management

Your brand is more than just its packaging. While there are plenty of other products on the shelves, with better packaging, most customers don’t care about them. Marketing is the best way for your brand to be more easily recognized and appreciated by customers. To translate your brand message into another language, you can use a cloud-based translation management software. This will help you stand out from your competitors and attract more customers. Customers will be more likely to buy your product if it is more visible.

Increase brand loyalty and trust

All it takes is to create brand awareness in foreign markets. It is possible only if your brand is promoted and taken into consideration all cultural and linguistic aspects. Multilingual marketing attracts more attention to your brand and creates a greater connection with customers. Localized marketing creates a sense for belonging and makes it easier to buy from you. Multilingual marketing leads to higher brand loyalty in foreign markets. Customers will trust brands that speak their native language and care about providing an inclusive brand experience.


Global companies should have a multilingual marketing strategy. This will enable them to direct their marketing efforts in the correct direction and achieve desired results. MarsHub is an language provider platform that allows you to manage all aspects of your brand localization project from one location. This will help you save time and money, as well as provide the best translation solutions for reasonable prices.

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