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Why Custom Boxes are Widely Recommended?

The word “custom” immediately raises expectations. It excites you and makes you wonder if there’s something new to offer. Is it going to be better than what you have already tried? Is it something you can benefit from or something one of your contacts can benefit from? It is curious when you see the same brand presenting the same old product in a box that’s not the same anymore. The colors, the layout of the text, the size of the box, and everything about custom packaging boxes ring bells. It begs a reintroduction or a fresh experience, which can give you more information about the same product you have used repeatedly. But all of this is just the beginning of “why” custom packaging boxes are so widely and highly recommended. Let’s check out the various types of custom boxes that can make or break the deal for the brands.

Custom rigid boxes

Custom rigid boxes represent the luxury and high class of the brand or product they are associated with. Be it jewelry, watches, fountain pens, perfumes, chocolates, candles, cell phones, or any other product that needs to target or attract a certain socioeconomic group, it can benefit from luxury custom rigid boxes. These rigid boxes offer varying styles, from a simple lid-off box to front magnetic closure boxes. Jewelry companies prefer the front magnetic closure boxes, while candle companies prefer the telescoping rigid boxes. Chocolate companies, as well as perfume companies, prefer sliding custom rigid boxes. The lid-off boxes are often ordered by watch companies or high end fountain pen companies. All of these industries benefit heavily from custom rigid boxes of varying styles and sizes simply because they look classy and trendy to look at and induce curiosity in the minds of the targeted audience.

Custom cardboard boxes

Packaging made of cardboard is probably the most common and well-known type of packaging in the world. From matchboxes to cosmetics, from pharmaceuticals to tech, from stationery to CBD, every brand has deployed cardboard boxes at some stage of the business. Custom cardboard boxes also offer various styles, like tuck-top auto-bottom boxes, reverse tuck-in boxes, sleeve boxes, mailer boxes, bakery boxes, and so on. Cardboard boxes offer a wide range of customization options, like embossing and debossing, foiling, spot UV and UV coating, etc. Custom cardboard boxes are also a more economical packaging option in comparison to custom rigid boxes. Having said that, companies like ClipnBox can maximize the value of custom cardboard boxes through their experience, in the field of packaging manufacturing, and through flawless execution of the idea that any brand brings to its ideal custom cardboard boxes.

Custom packaging boxes and sales

Custom packaging can be taken advantage of in more ways than one. The design can be a whole marketing campaign. The style can be a selling philosophy in and of itself. The colors can represent a whole season or an occasion. A well-thought-out packaging plan is nothing short of a marketing or sales plan. Custom rigid packaging boxes for small businesses can give you an unfair edge that your competitors may not be tapping into. The first brand or brands to opt for innovative packaging ideas will surely lead the market trend and convert that advantage into sales. Custom rigid boxes, in particular, go a long way toward bringing customers back to the brand on a regular basis, as those boxes can be recycled and used to store valuable items, etc. Every time that item is called upon, the branding on the box reminds the consumer of the product that once came packaged in that box. This can result in reoccurring customers and more consistent sales.

The need for custom packaging is only going to grow with time as brands look to capitalize on every little opportunity they get or a crack they find in the marketing plans of their rivals. The sooner the brands re-strategize their packaging, the sooner they will be able to attract new customers and retain the old ones. Custom packaging boxes are a simple yet innovative way of sending your sales soaring.

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