What is QuickBooks Error 1304? Causes and Solutions

QuickBooks Error 1304 arises when you are installing or updating QuickBooks desktop. The error message will state – Error writing to file Intuit.Spc.Esd.Client.BusinessLogic.dll. You might panic due to the same and start wondering why you are getting the error. Let’s tell you in detail the causes behind it via this blog. 


The occurrence of error 1304 might keep you from using QuickBooks, so you must prioritize fixing it. Read the blog till the end; we have provided you with the prominent causes of the error along with the most effective troubleshooting methods that work to eliminate error code 1304 in minutes. 


It can be tricky to deal with QuickBooks error code 1304, but it’s easy for an expert to deal with it. Contact our QuickBooks support advisors at +1(855)-738-0359 to eliminate the error now


What Are the Causes of Getting QuickBooks Desktop Error 1304?


You will deal with the QuickBooks desktop error message 1304  for many reasons. But you must get familiar with common reasons behind the same; check the list here for the same: 


  • Best version of Microsoft.Net Framework 1.1 on the computer.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework is not installed correctly. 
  • The ‘Point of Sale’ installer is damaged.


Troubleshooting Method to Implement Error Code 1304 in QuickBooks Desktop


There are various methods that you can use to eliminate QB error 1304. We are providing the ones that are best at fixing the common issue leading to it. 


Troubleshooting Method 1: Update Your QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale to the Latest Version


If you are not using the updated version of QuickBooks, you can use the methods below to update it, as it will help you provide the bug fixes that the older version of QB lacks.


  • Go to the help tab.
  • Then, navigate to the Update QuickBooks desktop option.
  • Then continue with the Update Now tab and tap the ‘Get Updates.’ Now, the process of QB updates will start.
  • Wait until the process is complete, and you will be notified.
  • Now, choose the installation option to install the updates on the device immediately.

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Now try accessing and working on QuickBooks after a PC reboot.


Troubleshooting Methods 2: Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop 


The faulty installation can be fixed by implementing this troubleshooting method.


  • If the issue is caused by a problem in the QuickBooks installation files, use the methods below to fix it.
  • Visit the ‘Control Panel of your computer; you can do so by searching it from the Windows search bar.
  • Now, navigate to the ‘Programs and Features’ option.
  • Next, choose ‘Uninstall QuickBooks’; for the same, click ‘Remove.’
  • The above step will remove the old installation from the system. Now, you can proceed with the new installation.


After installation is completed, you can use QuickBooks as required.



If you have followed the above mentioned   we hope you have successfully eliminated QuickBooks error 1304. However, you might encounter other troubles or get stuck during the process. Dial +1(855)-738-0359 to get help from our support team, experts at handling QuickBooks errors. They will help you overcome it within minutes.

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