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The best and most well-known laser tattoo removal clinic in Roorkee is Dr Hera Skin & Hair Clinic, which excels at producing amazing results at unmatched perfection levels and very reasonable costs. Thanks to our access to cutting-edge technology and techniques, we have become the best and most sought-after name in laser tattoo removal in Roorkee. We are a team of highly qualified and committed individuals under the direction of a dermatologist in Roorkee with a stellar reputation worldwide. We have extensive knowledge and experience in performing laser tattoo removal procedures with the utmost precision to produce outstanding results for our clients.

We have established ourselves as Roorkee’s most reputable and top laser tattoo removal clinic by producing outstanding results using extremely secure and efficient procedures.


The deeper skin layers receive an injection of the tattoo pigment. A strong collagen fibre network helps to seal it off. The pigment from the tattoo may become difficult to remove without damaging the nearby tissues. Other alternatives to laser treatment include skin grafting, surgical excision, and methods that use salts, acids, or organic solutions to dissolve the pigment. Because all these procedures hurt and leave scars, laser tattoo removal has become a very popular method of getting rid of tattoos.


Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive, clinically tested method for getting rid of tattoos without leaving scars. According to the principle of selective photo thermolysis, laser tattoo removal using Q-switched lasers targets only the ink particles in the tattoo while passing the laser beam harmlessly through the skin. The tattoo gradually becomes lighter and fades over time because the body removes the smaller tattoo ink/pigment particles heated up during laser treatment. The problem is that not all tattoo colours can be removed by a single laser. Various laser wavelengths can effectively remove a portion of the colour spectrum. Repeated visits or treatment sessions are necessary for a full laser tattoo removal, typically spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart.


At Dr Hera Skin & Hair Clinic, we are experts at providing Q-switch-based laser tattoo removal while promising our customers impressive and remarkable results and a good safety profile.

With their ability to impair and dissolve tattoo pigments, Q-switched lasers are the industry standard for tattoo removal. Q-switched lasers generate nanosecond pulses with high peak power and energy, effectively removing tattoo pigment without causing unfavourable side effects like scarring.

The following are some of the most popular and powerful Q-switched lasers for tattoo removal:

Ruby lasers with a Q-switch: Their pulses last between 28 and 40 nanoseconds and have a wavelength of 394 nm. Q-switched ruby lasers are advised to remove the pigments found in blue-black, dark blue, and black ink. These lasers produce mixed results when used to remove medium blue and green pigments. However, they perform poorly when used to remove orange, red, and pale blue pigments.

Q-switchedNd-YAG lasers: This laser type’s large spot size, concentrated energy densities, larger beam diameters, and high repetition rates make it possible to treat deeply embedded and densely clustered tattoo pigments quickly and effectively. Patients with dark skin should use this 1064 nm variant. It is recommended to erase the dark blue and black pigments in tattoos. This laser’s 532 nm version works well to eliminate tattoos’ yellow, orange, and red pigments.

Green, black, and blue pigments can be effectively removed using the Q-switchedAlexandrite laser.

Numerous factors, including the desired penetration depth, the size of the target particle, the target’s alleged absorption spectrum, etc., influence the type of laser used to remove tattoos.


The clinical response rates for tattoo removal using QS lasers are impacted by several factors, including the presence of tattoo ink other than black and red, a tattoo with a high colour density, a tattoo on the feet or legs, a tattoo older than 3 years, a tattoo spread over a large area, and the emergence of a darkening phenomenon.

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