Types Of Goth

Goth fashion is diverse and vast. It has different subcultures and each subculture has its own unique fashion style. Goth fashion is dark and aesthetic. This fashion style, unlike the other fashion styles, is dramatic and expressive. It gives a bold look to a woman and at the same time makes her look powerful and elegant. Unlike the conventional fashion style which dictates fashion as per the patriarchal norms, goth fashion breaks this norm and through the outfits and accessories shows the inner strength of a woman. In other words it empowers women by breaking the shackles of patriarchy. Therefore, women’s gothic clothing is not just to make a woman look bold and confident, but also to give a message to the society that she is not damsel in distress and comes with her own strength and power. The outfits in goth fashion are mostly black in colour. However, with the evolution of time over the decades, outfits in other bold colours, such as, blood red, burgundy, orange, purple, silver and so on can also be seen. In the contemporary era, to make goth fashion more flexible and versatile, pastel colours are also included to the outfits and accessories along with the dark colours. This is a unique combination where goth fashion is introduced to a creative and bright world without losing the dark,spooky and gloomy side of it. Pastel and bubble goth subcultures are two best examples of this.

In goth fashion, makeup, accessories and hairstyles also play a major role. When it comes to accessories you can have a collection of aesthetic gothic handbags to match with your goth outfits, such as a gothic dress or a gown or a gothic blouse. Only make sure that the bag matches well with the outfit. The accessories also include occult jewellery featuring skulls, crosses, pentagrams and so on which you can pair with the outfit you wear. Conventionally, the makeup includes pale skin, dark eyes and dark lips, however, in the contemporary era the makeup is kept simple and minimal. Of course importance is given to bold eyes and bold lips, apart from that everything is minimal and simple.

In the contemporary era, body piercings and full sleeve tattoos are given more importance, however, if you follow the corp goth subculture, then, there is no need of body piercing and if you want to have a tattoo, you can have a small one instead of the full sleeved ones; it is because corp goth fashion is mainly for those who work in the corporate sectors, hence you need to maintain professionalism along with your goth appearance. In this subculture, you can wear a dark coloured blouse along with a dark coloured women’s gothic jacket and a pair of goth trousers.

In the infographic below explore different types of goth subcultures and their fashion styles.

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