Turkey Visa for Afghan Citizens

The Turkish visa for Afghans is now available online. The Turkey e-Visa application is fast, efficient, and 100% electronic

Citizens of Afghanistan can apply for a Turkey Visa for Afghan Citizens It is the quickest and simplest way to obtain the essential travel permit for Turkey.

With an approved electronic visa, Afghans can spend up to 30 days in Türkiye.

Information about the Turkish visa requirements for Afghans and how to apply for an e-Visa can be found on this page.

Do Afghans Need a Visa for Turkey?

Yes, citizens of Afghanistan must have a visa to travel to Turkey.

Afghans who meet all the requirements can get a visitor visa online. Electronic visa applicants do not need to visit a Turkish embassy, the process is 100% online.

Afghan e-Visa holders can visit Turkey for a variety of tourism and business purposes for up to 30 days.

Anyone who does not qualify for an online visa must apply for a traditional visa at an embassy.

Documents Required by Afghan e-Visa Applicants

Citizens of Afghanistan need the following documents to apply for a Turkish visa online:

  • Afghan passport: valid for at least 5 months beyond the date of arrival
  • Residence permit or visa: issued by a Schengen country, the UK, the US, or Ireland
  • Email address: to receive notifications and the approved online visa
  • Debit or credit card: to pay the Turkey e-Visa processing fee

Note: Electronic visas and residence permits are not accepted as supporting documents.

How to Get a Turkish Visa for Afghans

Providing you meet the Turkey e-Visa application requirements, you can get a visa from Afghanistan in 3 steps:

  • 1- Complete the Turkey e-Visa application form

    2- Pay the electronic visa fees and submit the request

  • 3- Receive the approved Turkish e-Visa by email

Electronic Turkish visa requests are processed quickly. Most successful Turkey Visa for Bangladesh Citizens applicants receive the approved e-Visa by email within 24 hours.

Afghans who need a visa for Turkey urgently can use the priority service for 1-hour processing.

Türkiye e-Visa Application from Afghanistan

You can easily complete the Turkey e-Visa application form from Afghanistan using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It is a fast process – the e-Visa form should only take 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

Afghan nationals need to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Place and date of birth
  • Gender
  • Contact details
  • Passport number, issue, and expiry date

There are also some health and security-related questions. Please check all the information carefully before submitting the request. Mistakes or missing information could delay processing.

To finalize the request, the Turkey e-Visa fee is paid securely by credit or debit card.

Turkey Entry Requirements for Afghan Citizens

Travelers from Afghanistan need the following documents to enter Turkey:

  • Afghan passport
  • Turkish visa
  • Schengen, Ireland, UK, or US visa or residence permit
  • Return/onward flight tickets
  • Hotel reservation
  • Proof of adequate funds (USD 50 per day)

Afghan citizens wishing to travel to Turkey must check the latest COVID-19 entry requirements. Also, several weeks before departure, Afghans must check vaccination requirements for Turkey.

A visa does not guarantee entry to Türkiye. Immigration authorities make the final decision on whether to grant access to the country.

Travel to Turkey from Afghanistan

The Turkish e-Visa is valid at air, land, and sea borders. The fastest way to get from Afghanistan to Turkey is by plane, a direct flight from Kabul to Istanbul takes around 6 hours.

Turkey has land border crossings with countries including Iran, Georgia, Bulgaria, and Greece.

Afghan nationals must travel to Turkey within 180 days of receiving the approved e-Visa. They can then stay for up to 30 days.

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