Trinidad & Tobago – dream vacation in the Caribbean island state

The island nation of Trinidad & Tobago consists of the twosouthernmost islands of the Lesser Antilles and lies just off thecoast of Venezuela. The country, which still belongs to theCommonwealth , is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches andincredibly diverse flora and fauna . Trinidad & Tobago is popularwith all vacationers who dream of vacationing in the   Caribbean  , but do not want to relax in places where it is overrun bytourists. 

What makes Trinidad & Tobago so special? 

Trinidad & Tobago is a hotspot of wildlife. Hardly any othercountry in the world can boast such a wide variety of flora andfauna. For example, there are many areas on the islands whereleatherback turtles lay their eggs. These sea turtles are the largestof their kind and can live up to 100 years. 

Another thing Trinidad & Tobago is known for is the music . Tobe more precise calypso . This music originated in Trinidad as earlyas the 17th century through the influence of slaves who were broughtto the islands from West Africa to work on plantations. The slaveswere forbidden to talk to each other and attempts were made to cutoff all links to their origins. The early forms of calypso were usedto communicate with each other before the 19th century calypsoemerged in the style we know today. 

When is the best time to travel to Trinidad &Tobago? 

Probably the best time for a trip to Trinidad & Tobago isbetween January and March. Trees are in bloom , the sun is shiningmost of the time and the temperatures are nice and warm during theday but not too hot at night to still be able to sleep well. FromApril to May the weather is still nice but the flora is slowlystarting to dry out and the islands are not as green as before . Therainy season lasts from June to December, with sometimes very heavyand long-lasting showers. An exception is usually in September. Atthis time, the rain usually stops for a bit, opening another windowof great weather conditions for a holiday in the island nation. 

As a small note, and to reassure many, it should be said that Trinidad & Tobago, unlike many other islands in the Caribbean ,does not have a great danger of hurricanes. Although there have beenhurricanes in the past that have caused damage, the extent was in noway comparable to other countries and in most cases Trinidad &Tobago is completely spared. 

Which hotels do you recommend in Trinidad &Tobago? 

  • City Living Bed & Breakfast 

  • Cottage Mango 

  • Trinidad Gingerbread House 

  • The Valley Oasis Inn 

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