The Head-Turning BookTok Trend on TikTok

Having taken the internet by storm, we currently have the most seen and buzzing topics on TikTok: the BookTok trend. By now, you might have also seen the term popping up in the latest TikTok videos and  TikTok hashtags. We have tried this blog to be an ultimate guide for our readers about the new TikTok BookTok trend, and the impact of these videos is massive. If the website developers strategically embed TikTok, they can steer desired traffic to their website. The process of embedding TikTok videos can be easily done by using reliable social media aggregator tools. These tools provide a wide range of styling options and features that help designers enhance their websites’ look and feel.

Let us now dive deep into understanding what the buzz is all about!

What is the Buzz About?

The videos with the BookTok hashtags have been doing rounds on the platform for quite some time now. Surprisingly this BookTok hashtag has surpassed the mark of 90B+ views on TikTok.

BookTok is basically an online community of reading and book enthusiasts, as the conventional methods of recommending and reviewing have taken a 360-degree turn because of the advent of the internet and the popularity of social networking sites. The buzz around the books has geared up recently around all genres. 

The posts and TikTok videos under this hashtag have content revolving around the book and readers’ communities that frequently indulge in a live reading and reviewing. Along with that, there are virtual live book clubs and discussion forums.

Thus, to make your website more internet-approved and relevant, the easiest way is to add a TikTok widget and increase your website’s engagement rate and bounce rates.

The BookTok Creators:

Talking about frequency and increasing numbers of creators opting to create content under this hashtag, this space of BookTok is mostly occupied by the teenage demographic, and avid readers keen on reading, recommending, and reviewing books to fellow TikTok users. BookTok is basically the trend for people who are drenched in reading and want to spread the word and make a community of fellow readers on the social media platform. We have suddenly seen a rise in the niche of readers and reading enthusiasts on TikTok. The creators and trendsetters use the most catchy and trending music to either react to a storyline or suggest their top picks for reading this season.

These videos fetch the creator with huge numbers of views and increase reach on the platform. Let us help you with how you can use the BookTok-created content for your website and ace that.

Impact and Lessons from BookTok Trend:-

The growing reach of BookTokers on the platform has created a reemergence full-fledged industry. Thus we have handpicked a few amazing impacts and lessons that can help our readers to understand the reasons behind the boom of the BookTok trend on TikTok. And eventually, after seeing the potential of the trend, readers can finally decide to embed TikTok videos on websites.

1. Leverage UGC:

In layman’s language, we can say that User Generated Content is just a modern-day version of the age-old traditional word-of-mouth publicity. And the gradual and organic growth of the BookTok trend on the social media platform has proven to be very effective in recommending new and underrated reading material through their content. By presenting the content that the internet audiences actually appreciate, the BookTokers can be seen in the number of their followers on TikTok.

2. Build a community:

BookTokers build a community of fellow enthusiasts of reading and reviewing books and underrated text. Community building helps in identifying your niche and target audience. To grow your community even further, creators can ensure that they have put up relevant hashtags. 

Using appropriate hashtags can help your video get into the league of videos identified and pushed by the TikTok algorithm. This would have a pied-piper effect in growing your video’s organic reach. This would help you create content that caters to your niche specifically and helps you stay true and authentic to your community of readers. The creator should nurture their reacted community and stay focused on fetching useful information for followers. 

3. Casual yet impactful:

The next reason for the boom of the BookTok trend on TikTok is that the content posted does not require any heavy expenditure on the setup as their content is king. The BookTok videos can be casual in the backdrop and the location. But the videos should be informative and impactful. The viewers should be looking forward to your videos. Also, the TikTok algorithm encourages users to keep their content simple and casual, as this gives the viewers a more personalized feel and experience. And the more your content appeals to the masses, the more they will be drawn to your page. And when website developers when add TikTok widget on their website, their website’s reach also gradually starts seeing numbers.

4. The first few seconds:

Last and the yet game changer and fortune flipper of the TikTok videos is the performance of the video in its initial few seconds. If the first three seconds of your video intrigue the interest of the viewer successfully, then you can expect your niche and community to grow further. Nowadays, the attention span of the viewers on TikTok has decreased drastically, and the viewership analytics show if your audience holding capacity of the video is low, then the chances of the video getting into the eyes of the masses can fall flat and hamper the effort that goes behind making engaging BookTok videos.

Summing up:-

We are all aware of the popularity and influence of TikTok as a social media platform. Thus following the new trends can be very fruitful for your website. Developers and website advertisers can add TikTok widget to their websites. And since the BookTok trend on the platform is soring high numbers, this is a not to miss opportunity for the website to establish its presence and increase the website’s reach online.

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