The Advantages Of Home Health Care In Dubai

Having a loved one in the hospital can be very stressful for everyone. That’s why many healthcare facilities offer home care services Dubai. Many people heal and recover better when they are in the comfort of their own homes. Whether your loved one is recovering from a long-term illness, a fall or surgery, you now have access to a range of healthcare services. The benefits of home care services are an affordable solution that can save time and money from trips to the hospital. It is specialized care provided to people who need it in their own homes. Here are some other benefits of home care.

Benefits of Home care:

1. It promotes healing and reduces the risk of infection.

Home health care in Dubai protects patients from the infections they face in the hospital. After surgery and intensive care, patients are at greater risk of recurrence and infection. Home care can help patients heal better and faster because they are exposed to fewer infections.

2. It is more affordable than hospital care.

Patients may need intensive care that includes special procedures several times a day. Hospital care is usually much more expensive and patients can’t stay in the hospital for long periods, as it is not cost-effective. Home care provides patients with hospital-based specialized medical care that they can receive in the comfort of their own homes. It is very cost-effective compared to hospital care.

3. Home environment

Staying in the hospital for long periods can hurt mental health. Hospitals are often associated with being “out of it” and can be stressful and burdensome for patients due to the hospital environment. Constant contact with doctors, nurses and patients can also lead to negative behaviours.

Home health care in Dubai provides professional medical care to patients in an environment that is familiar to them. The warm and caring environment of a person’s own home helps to relax the mind and relieve stress. It has been proven that healthy attitudes and familiar surroundings help patients heal better and healthier.

4. Customized and individualized

Hospital care is often narrowly focused and the same for everyone. This leaves little room for individualization to meet the specific needs and independence of the patient. This can lead to patients feeling dissatisfied with one aspect of their care.

Specialist home care helps to personalize and individualize the patient experience. It is unique to each patient and is developed with the patient’s needs in mind. This makes the patient feel more comfortable because all of their needs have been taken into consideration. Personalized care helps patients recover better because it provides individualized care that also meets medical standards.

5. Support for activities of daily living

Some people find it difficult to do basic tasks such as bathing, personal hygiene, cooking and cleaning. Specialist home care in Dubai can also make it easier for people to carry out these activities of daily living. These professionals also help with light domestic tasks, such as washing clothes and dishes, helping to maintain a suitable lifestyle.

Eureka Home Health Care Centers workers are trained to assist patients with ADLs (activities of daily living). This helps the patient maintain respect and dignity and live a healthy, high-quality life. The family caregiver supports the patient in all activities.

6. Management of medication

When patients suffer from various problems, the consumption of medication increases. Prescription and medication management are extremely important, as many doctors prescribe different drugs for different problems. Many elderly people get confused when it comes to taking their medications, which can sometimes lead to serious health problems for patients, such as overdoses, harmful drug mixtures or even chronic shortages of certain medications. Skilled nurses are trained to manage prescriptions and medications to ensure that patients receive adequate and appropriate care and medication at the right time.

7. Caring companionship

Social interaction is important for maintaining health in old age. Family caregivers also have a dual role in providing reliable companionship during social and regular activities such as reading, walking, meals, games, movies and other activities.

Helping with these activities can help the patient reduce feelings of isolation and abandonment; issues that can lead to other health problems. Accompanying the patient in basic activities outside the home, such as shopping, doctor’s appointments and socialising, can have additional benefits for the patient’s healing process.

Requirements for home health care in Dubai

To be eligible for home health care in Dubai, one of the following conditions must be met:

Home health care in Dubai takes place in addition to medical treatment – ie you have to be actively treated by a doctor due to illness or an accident. Home care in Dubai cannot be used without ongoing medical treatment.

  • Inpatient hospital treatment is avoided or shortened by home care in Dubai.
  • Hospital treatment makes sense but is currently not feasible.
  • Home care services at home are necessary to ensure the goal of medical treatment.

What services are specifically included in-home care?

An important point is, among other things, treatment care. This includes activities such as dispensing medication, injections or changing bandages.

Basic nursing is another major service area of home care in Dubai. This includes activities such as helping with personal hygiene, exercise and nutrition.

In addition, there is also household care, ie activities such as cooking, cleaning up, and shopping.

The value of home care 

The World Health Organization defines home care as the provision of health services in the home by professional or non-professional caregivers to promote, restore and maintain a person’s health, functioning and well-being, including care for a dignified death.

It is classified into preventive, treatment and rehabilitation, hospitalization of the chronically ill and palliative-palliative.

Hospitalization at home is a human right of the patient and our moral concern. The value of care and hospitalization at home has a positive impact on the quality of life of our fellow sufferers and the saving of human and financial resources.

So, the next time you are looking for better care for your loved one, look no further. Find a Eureka Home Health Care Center in Dubai to provide them with the best possible care without the high costs or guilt associated with it.

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