The 5 Best Things About Pillow Packs Style Boxes Packaging Templates

If you are looking for a great packaging template for your product, you may want to consider the Pillow Boxes. These boxes are inexpensive, custom, and can be used for a wide variety of products, from gift items to event favors. They add a lot of value to your product, and are easy to assemble. Many pillow boxes also have window cutouts, which make them easy to personalize and present.

Dieline packaging template

If you’re thinking of creating a new product packaging design, one of the best things you can do is use a dieline packaging template. These flat laying blueprints are far more complicated than they seem. A dieline helps you design a custom box that meets your requirements. Here’s how it works:

If you’re using a template, make sure to include panel sizes and overall flat sizes. It’s also helpful to include the weight of the product. Some weighty products require heavier stock than lighter ones. If you don’t know what your product weighs, a dieline can help you figure out what kind of stock you need. Dielines help you determine the proper fit and fold of the product.


Whether you are selling apparel, candies, health and wellness products, or even pillows, a pillow box is an excellent way to market your products. These simple boxes also make great promotional items and are inexpensive to purchase wholesale. Listed below are some benefits of pillow boxes. Here are a few more. Read on to learn more about these unique packaging templates and how they can help you make your business stand out!

Using a custom pillow box design will help you strengthen your brand image. The dimensions of a standard pillow box are approximately 14 cm by 8 cm or 5.5 inches by 3 inches. You can make the box larger or smaller by simply resizing the template. You can also use larger card stock to print your boxes. This will make it easier to sell your pillows online. Using a customized pillow box template will also help you make your packaging look more professional.


If you’re planning to send a special gift, you’ll probably be interested in purchasing Elegant pillow packs style boxes packaging templates. These templates are a good choice for multiple reasons. You can use them over again to package your gift. The templates are also free to download. You can even use them to share your business cards or USB sticks. These boxes can also be customized to package small items like scarves or jeweler.

The style of pillow boxes is versatile. You can use them for a variety of products, including apparel, candies, health and wellness items, and more. They also make excellent packaging for promotional purposes. Whatever you’re selling, you’re sure to find a pillow box template that suits your needs and brand image. Use one of these templates to start packaging your products today! So, get your creative juices flowing with these templates!


For high-quality pillow packaging, you can choose a range of materials. Pillow boxes are typically made from high-quality duplex, fine-white, or corrugated cardboard, depending on the purpose of the packaging. The most common material for pillow boxes is high-quality grey cardboard, which has a white surface that is smooth and matte. Duplex cardboard has several positive properties, including high processability and high stability.

Depending on your business, these templates may be made for a wide range of products. Some examples include apparel, candies, health and wellness products, and jewelry. They are also perfect for promotional purposes. You can even create a custom pillow box to match a specific theme or product line. The possibilities are endless when you use pillow boxes. And, they’re affordable! Whether you’re a crafter or an artist, you can find many affordable pillow packs style boxes packaging templates to help you with your next project.

Easy to make

To make pillow packs, you can use one of the many available easy-to-use packaging templates. This box is five inches wide, three and a half inches high, and one and a half inches deep. Simply follow the template to make the pillow box envelope. Then, cut out the shape of the envelope from paper or paper and adhere it to the inside of the box. Glue the sides of the flap together to secure it to the box and to prevent it from shifting during shipping.

Once you have your template, print it out on a sheet of A4-sized paper. Cut along the solid borders. You can use it as a stencil to trace the shape onto a sheet of cardstock. When you have the right shape, you can align the template with the cardstock and adhere it using washi tape. After you have finished making the pillow boxes, you can start shipping! To make the process even easier, follow the tutorials for each step of the process. See More

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