The 10 Best Things About Urgent Care Physicians

Our existence depends on how healthy we are. Without good health, it is hard to carry out any productive activities. It is therefore paramount that you ensure that your health is always prioritized. The good news is that health care facilities are available in their dozens, each offering specific kinds of health care. Among these health care facilities is an urgent care clinic. This health care clinic provides patients affordable, high-quality, and immediate consideration. 
Before you visit any health care facility near you, you must first understand how it operates. A medical professional who offers urgent medical care to patients is known as an urgent care physician. Some are specialist doctors, while others are generalists. Since urgent care physicians work in immediate care clinics, let’s discuss their roles and responsibilities. 

What is an Urgent Physician? 

When you sustain a mild injury or a minor medical condition, the best facility to seek medical care services is urgent care. An urgent care physician is a medical doctor who offers basic or primary care services to patients in a particular locality. Urgent care physicians offer patients accurate information regarding their health by performing diagnostic tests. They also develop highly effective treatment plans. They act as the link or the first point of contact between patients and the healthcare system. 

Urgent care physicians also look at various aspects of a person’s health, including a client’s physical, psychological, and social aspects. To simply put it, urgent care physicians address health holistically. Any person facing health or medical issues seeks medical services from a critical care physician, provided the condition, or the injury is not life-threatening. Doctors who offer primary care to patients as known general practitioners. They consist of dentists, pharmacists, psychologists, and opticians. 

Who makes an ideal urgent care physician? 

When visiting an urgent care clinic, you must ensure that it offers the kind of care you want. Below are some of the essential medical practices that you can expect from an urgent physician:

Family physicians

The first medical practitioner who is often found at a care clinic is known as a family physician. This type of physician has the extensive medical knowledge to address all kinds of medical conditions that may affect everyone in the family – from children to the elderly. The work of such a doctor is to provide extensive medical care that includes preventive, diagnostic, and treatment care services to outpatients. Regardless of the type of health care condition a patient may have, primary family care physicians can diagnose and provide proper health care. This type of urgent care physician in North Hills Clinic can address acute health care issues. However, specialized treatment may be necessary if the patient’s life is in danger. 

Nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners are other health care practitioners you will get at North Hills Clinic. The medical training and experience that NPs have undergone put them in a great position to diagnose, treat, and offer medical consultative services to all patients. They also offer preventive advice to patients prone to contracting certain infections and diseases. Nurse practitioners also assist patients who have chronic medical conditions in managing such conditions properly. Another duty of nurse practitioners is to administer vaccinations or immunizations. Patients with difficulty following up with their treatment plans can get help from nurse practitioners. NPS can also prescribe certain types of medications. 


When it comes to your children’s health, nothing should be left to chance. North Hills urgent care also offers pediatric medical care to children patients who require pediatric care. The extensive medical training that these physicians have undergone makes them qualified to treat children between the age of one day to teenagers 21 years of age. Some certain medical conditions and injuries are prone to children. Children can also swallow or ingest dangerous objects, medication, or take poisonous substances that harm their health. All these medical instances, conditions, and injuries require specialized medical attention from pediatricians. 


Internists also belong to a team of physicians who work at North Hills urgent care clinics. This type of medical profession focuses on treating and offering medical advice to adult patients. An internist physician addresses any medical condition that affects adults. An internist does not have the expertise to treat children or the elderly. North Hills urgent care does not keep patients waiting for long to receive medical attention. We are a walk-in clinic set up to address all health conditions that do not threaten the life of patients. 


Proper medical attention is a human right. Therefore, every person must ensure they visit a suitable medical facility to receive appropriate and high-quality health care. North Hills urgent care clinic is set up to ensure that patients of all ages receive outstanding medical attention at any time. Unlike hospital emergency rooms, you don’t need to wait long to see a doctor. I belong to a group of medical clinics called walk-ins. All physicians and medical professionals who work at North Hills Clinic are qualified to practice medicine. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any form of malpractice. 

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