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Texture Sause Procreate brush kit

  • Compatible with: Procreate
  • File Size: 36 MB

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Texture Sause kit for Procreate included 50 carefully celected brushes, created to be used for texturing, shading and giving an edge to your illustration in one click.

Texture Sause kit for Procreate allow you easily create unique looking artwork and express your style original style. Texture Sause kit for Procreate are very versatile and easy to use.

50 brushes included in this pack

  • Marble Stone Brush
  • Greek Mosaic Brush
  • Dry Soil Brush
  • Spider Net Brush
  • Bird Feather Brush
  • Scratched Wall Brush
  • Grunge Scratches Brush
  • Deep Sea Coral Brush
  • Fine Stain Wallpaper Brush
  • Fine Art Dots Brush
  • Dry Petal Brush
  • Butterfly Wings Brush
  • Grunge Patchwork Brush
  • Cracked Wall Brush
  • Fine Sand Brush
  • Messy Sand Brush
  • Dry Wood Brush
  • Brick Mosaic Brush
  • Translusent Veil Brush
  • North Indian Ornament Brush
  • Square Pattern Brush
  • Fingerprint Brush
  • Rhomb Wallpaper Brush
  • Sugar Spread Brush
  • Pebbe Ornament Brush
  • Coconut Umbrella Brush
  • Seashell Pattern Brush
  • Magic Feather Brush
  • Froggy Skin Brush
  • Coral Reef Brush
  • Shelly Pattern Brush
  • Modern Wallpaper Brush
  • Wooden Slash Brush
  • Sound Track Zigzag Brush
  • South asian Ornament Brush
  • Torn Tights Brush
  • Egyptian Ornament Brush
  • Bamboo Rug Brush
  • Burn Out Tile Brush
  • Messy Treads Brush
  • Snake Skin Brush
  • Folded Foil Brush
  • Seed Spread Brush
  • South Indian Pattern Brush
  • Mermaid Scale Brush
  • Pebble Wall Brush
  • Sparkle Edge Brush
  • Groove Paperboard Brush
  • Glass Scratches Brush
  • Cave Wall Texture Brush

You will definitely enjoy this brushes, and get a lot of fun, making something new.

How to use?

You could use brushes itself, as it is, or apply it directly to the object you work on using Clipping Mask and Alpha lock functions in Procreate. Here is how:

Step 1

1st Way. Pick the layer and create clipping mask above it. You could use several clipping masks for different types of brushes or different colors, or keep one. This way gives you more control over your art, because you could change quantity of masks or delete them in any time. Keep in mind, that using clipping mask way, you will increase quantity of layers.

2nd Way. Pick the layer and lock it with Alpha lock. Use Shaders and Texturizers on the same layer until you get desirable result. Keep in mind, using Alpha lock, you cant get so much control like with the clipping masks.

Step 2

Start using desirable brushes to apply shadows and textures until you satisfied with your art.



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