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    Blender – Extreme Pbr Nexus v4.1.115 Free Download

    Blender – Extreme Pbr Nexus v4.1.115 Free Downloadhttps://blendermarket.com/products/extreme-pbr-addon-for-blender-279-2I am excited to present Extreme PBR Nexus, an addon that I have created with great enthusiasm to streamline the realm of 3D materials, a project that I have diligently enhanced over a span of 4 years. Extreme PBR is intended to alleviate the burden of dealing with Blender’s nodes. I have crafted…

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    Redshift PBR Material plugin for Cinema 4D

    Redshift PBR Material plugin for Cinema 4D https://danielsian.gumroad.com/l/redshift_pbr_material This plugin will create a tidy and easy-to-use Redshift material for Shadergraph with a PBR structure in just 1 click. Depending on how many texture maps you need to use, the creation of a friendly node system with everything plugged and working nicely can be tiring and time consuming. And this problem…

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