SOLIS has Introduced Extraordinary Innovations to Accelerate Modern Farming

SOLIS, the third-largest tractor manufacturing company in India and the fifth largest globally, is taking Agriculture Technology to a new arena. Empowering over 13 lakh farmers in more than 140 countries, SOLIS has introduced extraordinary innovations to accelerate modern farming and give it a new, upgraded face.

The brand has the world’s Largest Integrated Tractor Manufacturing Plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Providing the best-in-class, customized solutions to farmers across India and 140+ other countries, the plant spans an area of 225,000 sq mtrs. and has a production capacity of producing 300,000 tractors per annum. The fully integrated assembly line has a roll-out time of 2 minutes per tractor.

The plant is designed in an environment-friendly manner and boasts natural light and ventilation, complying with industrial safety standards. SOLIS employs the latest production technologies on this new production line.

Soliscompact tractors and loaders are designed to provide farmers, homesteaders, and landscapers with powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use equipment that can handle various tasks. Whether you are looking for a tractor with a loader to work in a garden, plough a field, or move heavy loads, Solis has a tractor-loader that can meet your needs.

The Solis line of compact tractors includes several models to make it easy to find the right tractor for your needs. These tractors are designed to be easy to manoeuvre, with their compact size and tight turning radius that make it easy to navigate around obstacles and tight spaces. They also feature powerful engines, hydrostatic transmission, and a 3-point hitch that easily attach various back and front-end farm implements and attachments, including ploughs, cultivators, and mowers.

With this plant and its sizeable employee strength, SOLIS is growing at a faster pace and has registered significant growth in its sales in the last year. Moreover, their in-house engines and transmission hydraulics add to its competence and make the turn-around time much faster. The plant has the capacity of rolling out tractors ranging from 20 HP to 120 HP in a single assembly line. Fully equipped to manufacture components required in making of a tractor, from sheet metal to the whole tractor, with this plant, SOLIS has conquered yet another milestone in the agri-tech industry.

SOLIS produces the same assembly tractors with different colours including Solis Blue and Sonalika Blue besides the colour Orange for 90 HP tractors exported to Myanmar.  In collaboration with Japanese farm equipment manufacturer, Yanmar Holdings Co., SOLIS jointly develops tractors in the colour Red, manufactured for markets across the world.

If you are also looking for a reliable name to get genuine spare parts for your small tractor, head out to your nearest Solis dealer now! At Solis, you can browse our website’s extensive catalogue where we keep records of genuine tractor spare parts. We at Solis are there for you to provide solutions to prepare your next yield.

Solis is not just the name of a tractor and farm implement manufacturing company, it is a name that defines productivity and success. Solis has a strong foothold in over 140+ countries that effortlessly serves the interests of farmers. With more than 1,300,000 happy and satisfied customers globally, currently, Solis is the world’s top 5th tractor manufacturer company, offering a wide range of 16-120 HP range of tractors while setting new benchmarks in the tractor industry through powerful competence and advanced technologies.

We at Solis are the pioneers of innovation in the tractor industry that has revolutionised the way of farming. In the span of merely 25 years, we have set new benchmarks of power and covered milestones that have made us the number one farm machinery exporter firm from India and the leading tractor brand across Europe. At Solis, we are extremely delighted to offer you our robust and power-packed tractors and spare parts that come equipped with a heavy-duty engine to provide high power in fields with breathtaking results.

Our Agri experts, are known to conquer every terrain or construction site that you can think of under minimal to low maintenance. Our farm champions are known to be the toughest among all the tractors in the industry as these farm experts aim to deliver nothing less than exceptional results on any terrain and that too with smooth controls. We believe that with Solis you can transform your farming experience into an exhilarating experience by taking your endeavours beyond limits. You can take any Solis 16 tractor be it compact or narrow and witness power, potential and performance at its best. With Solis, you have got the opportunity to choose from an extensive range of farm champions.

The characteristics that made Solis stand out as the best agriculture tractor

There are multiple ranges of agriculture tractors available in the market, but Solis is the appropriate best one. Well, Its dynamic structure and new-age Agri technology make it happen. Solis offers the top cost-efficient compact tractors that can become the best mate for your farms. Its toughest structure is built to conquer any challenge in the field.

* Accomplished to outshine in all kinds of terrain.

Its advanced engine and tough body help to work efficiently in any terrain without any disruption. Solis tractors also contain the ability to work in any soil. Sometimes in muddy or rocky soil, the situation becomes complex for the farmers, disrupting the planned schedule. But with Solis tractors, this problem will no longer stay with you. Its body structure and adequate traction can move smoothly across the land and eases your task. Its 4*4 drive feature helps all four tires hold the land’s perfect grip.

* Quality over Quantity

Solis tractors are engineered to deliver the best value to customers. They give several more benefits than just working on a farm. Solis has designed varieties of ranges to handle any hindrance. Solis compact agriculture tractors are made to work on small to big farms. They are compact to even work in private lawns and can excel on a farm too. They are a solid example of state-of-the-art technology, ready to take new-age farming to a whole other level.

* Matchless versatility

Solis tractors are supremely productive and economical to a consumer. They can carry out any tasks which your farming chore list has. Their versatility and compactness help them be the best companion for you, easing your task efficiently. They can master any task, be it mowing, ploughing, tilling, and brushing the snow, cutting hay, lifting heavy material, digging, or gardening. The tractors are masters of all types of farming chores that deliver fuel efficiency with affordability.

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