Rizom-Lab RizomUV Real Space and Virtual Space 2023.0.71 Win x64 Free Download

Rizom-Lab RizomUV Real Space and Virtual Space 2023.0.71 Win x64 Free Download

TopoCopy speeds up the process of unwrapping complex hard surface models
The major change in the Winter 2020 update – at the time of writing, the changelog hasn’t been updated, but it’s version 2020.1 – is TopoCopy, a neat new system for transferring unwraps between UV islands. Unlike traditional tools, it works with features on a model that are topologically similar, but not absolutely identical: for example, the struts on the zeppelin in the image above.
By making it possible to transfer a completed unwrap from one island to another, TopoCopy should speed up the process of unrwapping hard-surface models with a lot of repeated, but slightly varying, elements.
In its news release, Rizom-Lab describes it as “the first unique feature in UV mapping in years, and [one that we hope] signals the start of a true UV island copying workflow”.
Share UV seam placement and relaxation across all similar elements on a model
TopoCopy makes it possible to transfer unwraps – including UV seam placement and adjustments made with RizomUV’s brush tools – to every topologically similar UV island from a model.
The software detects matching islands automatically, with a Similarity slider controlling the matching process.
At a Similarity threshold of 0, all topologically similar regions of geometry are processed. At a value of 1, only geometrically identical regions are processed.
New UV welding, map geneeration and polyloop selection features
Other new features in RizomUV 2020.1 include Magnet Weld, which joins UV islands closer together in UV space than a user-determined distance threshold value.

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RizomLabRizomUVRealSpace2023.0.71Winx64.part1.rar – 140.0 MB
RizomLabRizomUVRealSpace2023.0.71Winx64.part2.rar – 87.2 MB

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