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Product Specs

  • Created: Sep 27, 2021
  • Compatible with: Procreate
  • File Size: 216 MB

Each brush and texture in this pack was made from analog source material. We hit up some of our favorite Risograph printing studios and asked them to push their printers to the limits.

The final output is a collection that perfectly captures the unmistakable textures and overlay effects of analog Risograph art in your digital studio.

With a complete spectrum of wet and dry Risograph brushes, true print defects, and authentic scans — Risograph Brush and Texture Kit is an authentic and thoughtful kit for prints, posters, zines, comics, and more.

We developed this brush pack in conjunction with Risograph printers and artists to create the most realistic brush pack on the market.

Here’s everything you get:

  • 10 Risograph dry brushes in set tonal range of 10% – 100%.
  • 10 Risograph wet brushes in set tonal range of 10% – 100%.
  • 10 Risograph dry shader brushes in shader tonal range of 10-100%.
  • 10 Risograph wet shader brushes in shader tonal range of 10-100%.
  • 16 print defect brushes made from real Risograph print defect.
  • 1 Risograph Brush & Texture Kit User Guide PDF
  • 3 Risograph Brush & Texture Kit training videos.
  • 10 high-growth Riso color palettes based on color psychology.
  • 3 Riso Print Shop swatch libraries (Japanese, European, and North American).
  • 1 Riso master swatch library with all known Riso ink colors.



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