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Rainbow Wave Multiline Brushes

Product Specs

  • Compatible with: Procreate
  • File Size: 7.76 MB

About the Product

This is a Procreate brush pack to create the perfect rainbow! I was trying to create a streaky brush, and I stumbled upon this on accident, which is amazing because I include rainbows and rainbow waves in my artwork constantly. There are five different options, a brush with two lines, three lines, four lines, five lines, and six lines. Each one of those options comes in the regular format, a format with thicker gaps in between the lines, a trippy texture, a noise texture, a cracked texture and a rough edge texture. There are 30 of these multi line, rainbow brushes, and then two bonus brushes, which are the streaky painters texture that I was originally trying to create. Use these brushes to create the perfect rainbow, the perfect 70s rainbow wave, circles that have the perfect rings of color inside.

These brushes work with Procreate, make sure that your Procreate is up-to-date.They will not work in any other design or drawing app. There is a learning curve to the brushes, they can create dots at the top of your line, but the more that you use them, you will get accustomed to the way that they work, and you will be a pro in no time!



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