Purchase Procedure of Wild Wadi Water Park Tickets In Offer Prices

What better way to deal with Dubai’s heat than visiting one of the best water parks in the Middle East? Among the most famously known water parks, the Wild Wadi Waterpark of Dubai will bring you the most pleasurable and adrenaline-filled time.

Established in 1999 in Jumeirah and present near the popular Burj Al Arab, this theme park has the Middle East’s fastest and highest slides that keep your adrenaline rush going. The Wild Wadi Water Park offers over 30 exciting rides. From cool and heated pools to rides moving at a heart-tingling speed of 50 m/h. Whether you are with your family or friends, everybody can bask in the exciting adventures Wild Wadi has to offer.

All About Wild Wadi Waterpark Tickets

Have an adrenaline-filled adventure with numerous water slides, cool and hot wave pools, as well as human-made machines for surfing. Do not miss this attraction and join the fun with your family or friends.

The Wild Wadi Water Park offers a full-day entrance ticket which will bring you and your family a day full of fun. For general admission rates are fixed. You can purchase the tickets from either the main gate of Wild Wadi Waterpark or purchase it online. The main criteria for pricing are based on the height.

General admission from the main gate costs AED 299 for individuals above the height of 1.1 meters and AED 249 for those below. For general admission through online booking, Wild Wadi Water Park offers a lower price comparatively. For admissions above the height of 1.1 meters, the ticket costs AED 269 and for those below the height of 1.1 meters, it costs AED 199. These prices are offered after the inclusion of 5% VAT.

The height criteria of 1.1 meters are applied to some of the Wild Wadi rides and individuals who fail to fulfill this requirement won’t be allowed on the rides. Upon entry, the height is measured by the staff. If any admission exceeds the height of 1.1 meters, you will be asked to pay the full amount of general admission. Additionally, if you have children below the age of three, you will have to show ID proof at the entrance gate.

Souk Al Wadi also offers the provision for rental lockers as well as towels. Each person is required to pay a price of AED 39 for a rental towel. For lockers, the prices may range depending on the size. If you are choosing a smaller locker to keep items, it will cost AED 39. For a medium locker, you will be required to pay AED 44. If you have larger items to store, the larger locker at a price of AED 59 will be the best option for you.

Wild Wadi Water Park Offers

All you can do in Wild Wadi Waterpark

Numerous exciting rides await you at the Wild Wadi Waterpark to allow you to cool down and have an adventure-filled day. You can also join fun activities and relax as you enjoy delicious meals. You can also go shopping when in Wild Wadi.

1. Jumeirah Sceirah: If you love yourself for some adventure, you will be pumped with adrenaline as you take on this famous slide. You will be moving at a speed of 80 km/h on this slide that measures at a length of 120 meters.

2. Tantrum Alley: Another spine-tingling slide is the tantrum alley that slides you down the three huge tornadoes and plunges you into the water.

3. Burj Surj: For adventure seekers, this slide follows a spiral course that leaves you spinning and turning until you finally splash into the water with great force.

4. Wipeout And Riptide: For surfing enthusiasts, this is the best opportunity to ride the waves. The gorgeous waves created by the Flowriders will allow you to go knee-boarding or bodyboarding.

5. Juha’s Journey: After all the adrenaline-pumping water slides, the lazy river offers you the time to relax as you move smoothly across its length of 360 meters. You can take your, kids, on this slide using the double-seater tube.

6. Breaker’s Bay: The Wild Wadi Water Park offers you a ginormous wave pool being the largest in the Middle East. Individuals of all ages can take pleasure in moving up and down with waves or swimming. You can chill here and enjoy the scenic views.

7. Wild Wadi Restaurants: The park offers you a variety of dining options. After a long day of fun, food is the first on everybody’s list. Since bringing edibles to the park is prohibited, Wild Wadi offers all kinds of food choices. It features restaurants including Surfer’s Burgers, Firecrest Pizza, Wave View café, and Dhow & Lagoon Kitchen.

8. Shopping: The Wild Wadi provides you the option to purchase from its retail stores. You can purchase swimsuits, souvenirs, water toys, and more.


A vacation is incomplete without any thrilling and liberating activities. Wild Wadi Waterpark is perfect for all adventure seekers and offers adrenaline-pumping slides. You can soak in the soothing coastal views that this water park offers. This outdoor park offers fun activities for young adults.

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