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Let's Find Out More About the Features of Parquet Flooring

Geometric pieces of wood are used to create a decorative pattern for flooring and are known as parquet. Parquet designs are frequently fully angular and geometrical.

Parquet floors are high-end, environmentally friendly, aesthetically appealing, and simple to clean and maintain. Every floor is different and can showcase the preferences of the owner of the house or establishment. Parquetry installation is a centuries-old craft that involves arranging smaller wooden tiles stacked in a repeating pattern to create a distinctive crisscross pattern.

In the past, these floors were put in piece by piece, but modern parquet flooring has wood slats that are already adhered to one another against a supporting material. The backing material is then simply glued and nailed to the surface to complete the installation of the floor.

With its distinctive floor system, parquetry elevates the quality and worth of both newly constructed and refurbished interiors. Parquetry flooring in Adelaide has always been a popular option for flooring among residents.

Because parquet flooring is so well-liked, we’ll talk about a few of its features.

Features of Parquetry Flooring


The most typical parquet flooring tiles typically measure between 9 and 10 inches. Both square and rectangular shapes are available. These tiles range in thickness from 0.30 inches to 0.75 inches. Over a metal or plastic frame, the tiles are fastened to a thin piece of fabric, paper, or plastic. Oak, walnut, or maple make up the top layer of wood.


Parquet floors sustain a little better in damp situations than conventional hardwood flooring, recycled wood flooring, and other comparable options. A parquet floor is in the form of small slates. Each of these has a lower propensity to expand and contract in humid environments when compared to a conventional hardwood floor.

Nevertheless, because the parquet is made of wood, it will eventually mould and warp if exposed to water regularly.


Due to its excellent appearance, parquetry flooring Adelaide is widely used in living rooms, kitchens, foyers, and entrance hallways. Usually, they function best in unstructured environments. When put in bathrooms or kitchens, the intricate geometric patterns might not be able to endure dampness and frequent use.

Parquet recycled timber flooring is typically not a good solution for tiny, cluttered bedrooms. Parquet flooring is primarily favored for large, opulent bedrooms. There are many different wood floor patterns available. However, the following are some of the most well-liked choices:


In this layout, planks are placed 90° apart and perpendicular to one another. This is the most common and classic style, and it originates from the Roman era when it was employed in masonry and was known as opus spicatum. Herringbone is one of the simpler parquet flooring patterns to install.

Chevron Parquet

Herringbone and chevron floors are similar, but chevron floors have plank ends that are cut at a 45° angle. As a result, the diagonal effect is stronger.

Basketweave Parquet

The wood’s colour and grain play a crucial role in the intricate pattern known as basket weaving, which lives up to its descriptive name.

There are numerous variations, but they all aim to give the impression that your floor planks are intertwined, making the wood panels appear to be braided beneath and over one another.

Conclusion: We have described the characteristics of the parquet flooring in this post. If you’re interested in installing parquetry flooring in Adelaide, get in touch with a flooring expert for more information.

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