Jewellery Repair & Restoration Practices That Devalue Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery is valuable in so many ways. It not just comes with monetary value, rather it has many emotions and sentiments attached to it. Generally people get antique jewellery pieces as family heirlooms or gifts from their predecessors. It comes with a lot of blissful memories and hence, has a special place in everybody’s heart. Many people use the engagement rings of their mothers or grandmothers to propose to their partners and sometimes they give the wedding rings of their mothers and grandmothers as a gift to their partners on the wedding day. Hence, antique jewellery is not to preserve it as a valuable treasure, rather people find themselves connected to it as it comes with a lot of love and affection from their loved ones. Since these jewellery pieces are old, therefore, they require a lot of special care. Even though we take a lot of care for this jewellery, sometimes they may meet with some damage which can break our heart. It is when jewellery repair services come to our rescue.

Repairing and restoring jewellery is a crucial step which requires a lot of care and attention. A single mistake can ruin the design, shine and beauty of the jewellery. Not only that, a single mistake in the repairing and restoration process can devalue the jewellery as well. Therefore, jewellery is one of those assets which we need to handle with care. Carefully keeping the jewellery will not just keep its lustre and shine intact, rather it will also maintain the value of the jewellery, rather there are chances that the value may even increase as per the current market value. Even if the jewellery is a little bit damaged, make sure that you are taking it to the same jeweller or designer or taking it to an expert with proper knowledge and experience in the service of jewellery repair in London.

It becomes easier if the jewellery is customised, as you can take it to the same jeweller who has done the customisation process. Many jewellers and designers are into the service of bespoke jewellery in London. Antique jewellery is precious for everyone and therefore, everybody tries to take proper care of it. Therefore, they look for an expert to repair their jewellery in case of damage. One more thing which is important and you should do from time to time is the jewellery valuation process. Evaluating your jewellery from time to time helps you in knowing the exact value of your jewellery so that when you think of selling or repairing it, you do not face any loss.

The infographic below talks about some of the important aspects of jewellery restoration and repair practices that devalue antique jewellery. 

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