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Jelly Gouache – Procreate Brush Pack Free Download

Jelly Gouache – Procreate Brush Pack Free Download

Jelly Gouache – Procreate Brush Pack
BRUSHSET | PDF | 10 Brushes | 92 MB

10 ORIGINAL BRUSHES: Creamy Shaders
Bloom – Smooth, rich shader. Almost totally opaque, so it creates a very subtle texture when your brushstrokes overlap. Feels like a paintbrush loaded with paint and gliding smoothly over your paper.
Round Brush – Chunky, tapered shader. The watercolor-paper edges let lots of texture show through and the dynamic width of this brush make it a little more playful and unexpected, just like a real paintbrush! Super creamy and opaque.

Natural Brushstroke Textures
Brushstroke – My favorite brush of this pack! Buttery smooth and natural on the canvas. Lessen the pressure of your Apple Pencil to reveal more individual brushstroke lines, or press down to get a heavier, richer stroke. Either way, you’ll still get the beautiful texture at the beginnings and ends of your lines.
Dry Swatch – Behaves similarly to Brushstroke, but this one feels like you’re stretching out the last bit of paint on your brush. The texture is a little more dry and matte – perfect for adding realistic gouache texture to the edges of shapes, or layering to create depth and dimension.

Buildable Washes
Jelly Pop – Creates a realistic semi-opaque wash of paint with smooth edges. Perfect for layering to build depth and creating a rich, fresh texture, like still-wet paint. The push-pull dynamic of this brush feels like pulling a real paintbrush across the page.
Glide – The looser, more textured edges of this brush create a a creamy, smooth, watered-down wash effect. Build up 3-4 layers for full color pay-off, or leave it sheer and let the natural paint texture show through.
Glaze – A light, smooth wash that intensifies with each layer and creates vivid color overlaps. Very the pressure of your Apple Pencil for a lighter or deeper wash.
Double Dip – This one feels like dipping your paintbrush into a jar of water, then dabbing it straight onto the paper. Super dynamic and fun to play with! Layer it for a feathery, light paint texture. It also works beautifully when sized down for hand lettering!
Canvas Wash – A super smooth wash with highly textured edges, like the cold pressed texture of watercolor paper. Layer it to intensify color and opacity. This one is perfect for foliage and adding background texture.
Blush – Okay, this one is a close tie for my favorite brush! A super soft, light wash that lets a subtle paper grain show through. This one also builds up color intensity as you layer it, but maintains its subtle texture. I love using it as with the clipping mask tool to blend colors and add dimension to illustrations!



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