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1. Installations of diagnostic devices (BGA, POC IAA, and TCM) are anticipated to increase in the United Arab Emirates as consumers’ preference for cutting-edge solutions over traditional centralized systems grows.

The Diagnostic Devices (BGA, POC IAA, and TCM) Market in UAE is rising as a result of the UAE’s expanding healthcare infrastructure. The country’s need for diagnostic devices would rise concurrently with the expanding privatization of the healthcare industry. To fulfill the rising need for Diagnostic Devices equipment in the nation, the UAE’s expanding healthcare infrastructure has been drawing big businesses from all over the world. Numerous Chinese and Korean manufacturers are also vying for market share in the lucrative UAE Diagnostic device industry, in addition to European and American producers.

2. With the advent of technologically improved equipment in the country, the country’s high illness prevalence and desire for particular diagnostics are likely to push demand even higher.   

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Manufacturers of Diagnostic Devices (BGA, POC IAA, and TCM) are concentrating increasingly on product innovation and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology as market awareness grows. IoT integration, device resizing, and the addition of different testing criteria are assisting in addressing difficulties in UAE healthcare institutions such as hospitals and independent labs, particularly in the government sector. Moreover, technological solutions, such as Health IT solutions, mobile and portable systems, and expanded service offerings, are addressing the country’s key difficulties in the medical business. Furthermore, the Medical Diagnostic Equipment Market has witnessed a shift in buyer behavior. End users, such as hospitals, choose to lease or license medical devices for a set length of time.

3. The growing incidence of cardiovascular diseases, infections, and other non-communicable diseases, as well as the COVID Impact are driving the market growth.

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The POC Immunoassay Analyzer market in UAE is comparatively less mature yet developing steadily. The high prevalence of cardiac diseases, infections, and other noncommunicable illnesses, as well as the COVID Impact, which raised the frequency of tests in COVID-positive patients, are driving market expansion. It is a concentrated market, with Abbott controlling the market in the UAE. Abbott has maintained its market position by developing high-quality, feature-rich devices. Because of technical improvements and standardizing norms, the POC IAA Market is estimated to earn more than $5 million in revenue by 2025. Devices are constantly improving in terms of size and operational characteristics, and the future is predicted to witness low-maintenance, high-quality multi-parametric devices.

4. Political Instability has resulted in the suppressed growth of the Private sector in the Medical Education System.

As reagents often have a short shelf life, end users avoid stockpiling up and are hesitant to place large purchases. Payments are also delayed as a result of this. Due to this, it becomes difficult for the Manufacturer and Distributor to meet the expectations of the sector on time. In addition to this, the majority of private hospitals are hesitant to purchase pricey diagnostic tools. Due to expanding healthcare resources, government laboratories, such as those at DOH, MOH, and military hospitals, have a high installation rate. Moreover, IAA is a very competitive business, hence certain machines, like Roche, offer a variety of tests on a single platform. With a small number of tests, it might be difficult for other players in the market.

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UAE Blood Gas Analyzer Market

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