Import Contacts in Android, iPhones, and Mobiles Using CSV to vCard Conversion

Do you want to know how to import CSV Contacts to Android? The solution to export/import CSV, Outlook CSV, and Google CSV to vCard android contacts format is then described in this article. Users are also interested in learning how to convert an Outlook CSV Contacts Distribution list or a contacts group to vCard or VCF format. WholeClear CSV to vCard Converter Tool is a professional application for importing contacts to vCard, Google, Outlook, and Spreadsheet App (Android, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Users can share contacts from CSV, Google, and Outlook contacts to Android phones, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, iPhones, iPods, Windows or iOS Phones, and so on.

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If you are one of them looking for a way to convert CSV to vCard format, then read this post to get a perfect solution. This article will walk you through the steps of importing contacts to Android using this CSV converter wizard. By the way, there is no manual way to convert a CSV file to vCard format. So, if you want to convert CSV to VCF and vCard formats, you must first install this application. The CSV to vCard export wizard works with all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10. However, many users contact our technical support team with their questions. Below is a list of some of the frequently asked questions.

How do I use a CSV File Converter to Convert CSV to vCard?

To convert, follow the steps below:

  • Use the WholeClear CSV to vCard Converter.
  • Using the Select button, add a CSV file to the software interface.
  • Select the Contact Mapping option, as well as the destination path.
  • From the toolbar, select the Convert button.
  • The software will begin converting the CSV file to vCard.

Follow the steps below to export or convert an CSV file to vCard Android format.

  • Use any Windows-based computer to run Best CSV to vCard converter software.
  • Using the dual selection options, select the CSV (Outlook, Google, etc.) files.
  • Then, using the “Contact Fields Mapping” filters, you can change the contact fields.
  • After that, choose a location to save the converted CSV to a vCard file based on your needs.
  • A more advanced option for saving CSV contacts to one or multiple vCard (VCF) files, with a separate option for “Save all Contacts in one VCF”.
  • Another option for creating a VCF file with multiple VCF encodings such as ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-7, UTF-32, Unicode, and so on.
  • Then, click the convert button to begin the CSV to vCard conversion process.

CSV to VCF Converter – Convert CSV to vCard?

WholeClear CSV to vCard Android import wizard is a sophisticated method for importing contacts to Android phones. The utility can convert CSV files to vCard and VCF formats without producing an error code. During the CSV file conversion process, the software also keeps the contact fields intact. Furthermore, a large number of users discover a possible manual method to export CSV to vCard. However, they are unable to find a manual way to export CSV to vCard format. Because there is no straightforward way to convert CSV to VCF format. As a result, a large number of users looking for a way to convert CSV to vCard online on a daily basis. One of the best options for converting multiple CSV files to vCard format is this CSV to vCard migration tool.

The CSV to vCard Converter Wizard’s Key Features

Google Contacts CSV import and export to vCard

With the aid of the ideal Google CSV to vCard migration tool, the utility can transfer Google CSV contacts to Android in vCard format. The program can share Google Contacts across multiple devices and convert Google Address Book to vCard (*.VCF) format with VCF Encoding modes.

Transfer contacts from Android vCard to Outlook CSV

Microsoft Outlook is a well-known email client program for managing contacts and desktop-based email services. With the aid of this tool, you can convert Outlook CSV contacts to vCard format so that you can easily import them into devices like Android phones and Windows Contacts.

Maintain the fields and structure for contacts.

During the CSV to VCF format conversion process, the software keeps track of the fields and rows for CSV contacts. With the help of the Contact Fields Mapping options, you have the ability to easily arrange and manage Contacts fields. Now that CSV to vCard Conversion is available, users can easily change and modify the Contacts Field to another Field name.

Complete Contacts Details Migration from Google CSV or Outlook CSV to vCard

You have the ability to maintain Contacts details in accordance with user needs thanks to this utility. When converting CSV Contacts to vCard format, this application preserves all Contacts fields, including Title, Phone Number, Home Address, Office Address, Email Address, etc. Users can quickly replace the fields’ titles with those of other contacts’ fields.

Platform with Single Panel Interface for CSV File to vCard Export

The CSV to vCard Converter software’s user interface is very easy to comprehend. Without any additional work, you can easily export Google CSV to VCF, Outlook CSV to VCF, and CSV to VCF format.

Additional Advantages of using Software to Convert CSV to VCF

  • Unlimited Exchange, import, and export of Google Contacts, Outlook Contacts, and CSV to vCard format.
  • With the option to Save all contacts in one VCF file deselected, create multiple VSF files from a single CSV file.
  • At once, export multiple Outlook contacts to the vCard or VCF file formats.
  • Create a single vCard file format by combining multiple sources of contacts.
  • Export contacts from Android and Apple iPhone into vCard format.
  • Support for Windows 10 and all other Microsoft Windows operating systems.

What Sets the CSV and vCard Contacts Formats Apart?

  • There are a number of distinctions between CSV and VCF (vCard) Contacts, including:
  • While vCard can store and support contact images, the CSV format does not.
  • Standardization of missing contacts in CSV format in accordance with contacts in vCard (.VCF) format.
  • According to the vCard Format, “Google CSV File does not support Special Characters and non-Latin Scripts.”
  • The CSV file can be opened without difficulty in text editors and spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel.

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Users can easily export CSV to vCard contacts and import/export contacts from CSV to vCard format by following these easy steps. This procedure will assist in exporting CSV to vCard and allowing users of different email clients and mobile devices to use exported vCard files, which is a promising feature for users.

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