How Your Jewellery Sales Will Get a Boost by Outsourcing Jewellery Image Editing Services?

Gone are the when jewellery shopping was a dedicated affair done with a proper visit and detailed analysis of products physically, available with the seller.

The global jewellery market is closing in on three hundred billion dollars in a few years. Thereby it is quite imperative to note how much competitive this field is. With the rise of ecommerce segment, it is safe to say that marketing and promotional methods have all transitioned into a focused visual presentation that is central to incite user’s engagement and drive sales.

Jewellery Image Editing or Retouching – What Impact it Makes?

Compare an original pic of a jewellery item that you have clicked with your phone, with an image of that specific jewellery item that has been edited professionally into a finished visual product.

The original capture may be too pixelated, or it may be blurry, or the background might be overshadowing the item, or there is bad lighting around that can ruin the entire image, or there are precise details of the jewellery item that aren’t shown clearly. As a buyer, you yourself wouldn’t be much interested in such items where the images aren’t provoking any interest. As a business owner, this method isn’t lucrative to increase your potential buyer list as well.

Now, you should know that buying jewellery is not just about the material build and quality, but also the visual appeal. After all, jewellery pieces are emotive representations. With image touching and editing, you are able to create a finished visual product that connects with user’s emotions and visual experience.

Jewellery image editing and retouching or image retouching services help to clean up the product images, by means of using software or tool for that. This process helps to eliminate the elements that are keeping the product highlights to shine. It helps to remove the distractions and allows the user to clearly see the details, product USPs and more, all though in the best angle of view.

How Important is Jewellery Editing for a Business Owner?

In today’s time of ecommerce market, you know that you are competing with a lot of other businesses in your field. Thereby you have to ensure that you present your products in a way that instantly connects with the potential buyers, provide them a visual effect, stand out in its details and thus helps in the sale. As we have stated in the above section, jewellery image editing helps to emphasize the products, bring in more viewers, improve conversion and revive stagnating sales.

Not only for the business own store, but edited images and high-quality visual representation helps them to target their social media channels by connecting with users, creating better engagement and bring in traffic for high conversion rate.

What Services are Included in Image Editing?

  • Re-touching the images to make them studio-quality
  • Removal of background
  • Removal of distracting elements
  • Clipping path service
  • Removing blemishes, dust and scratches
  • Correction in color
  • Aligning and straightening the image
  • Redrawing of rings’ back shanks
  • And much more

All these are aspects that will be done effectively and to the precise point by a professional editor. So, you should focus on what you do best – crafting unique jewellery, and let the editing experts take care of enhancing your products’ visual representation and appeal.

What You Gain with Outsourcing Jewellery Image Editing to Experts?

  • Create Finished Product Specific to Your Requirement

You might have a notion that having a dark or light background for a particular jewellery item will make that stand out. You might want specific product reflection. Similarly, there would be specific requirements you would have. All these can be undertaken by the professional with finished image transformation specific to how you want that to look.

  • Eliminate Distraction and Undesired Elements

Is there dust visible in the capture? Are there dullness flared spots? Is a certain color shade not looking good in the image? There can be several undesired aspects that could be hampering the overall visual appeal of the product, which can be taken care of easily with image editing.

  • Create an Assisted Process for Buyers to Make Informed Decisions

Jewellery editing and re-touching service clearly helps to make online and offline stores create a process wherein they are able to assist the buyers navigate through the product availability through the visuals. Clients can view these multiple times, compare them, judge what they are looking for and what fits their need best, evaluate how a certain product will look on them, so as to make their decision of investment with full clarity.

  • Improve Business Reputation and Sales

Clearly defined, and high quality jewellery images does well to improve the overall vision of the customers. This means that customers are more aligned where they find the product images to be if high-quality, clear in details and appealing. All this leads to improving the customer engagement, high potential for sales, and thus enhanced revenue.


So, are you finding it hard to thrive in the jewellery world? Is your marketing that much effective? Have you thought on this aspect about how you are presenting your products to your potential clients? High-end professional jewellery editing may be the answer that you are looking for.

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