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How To Use Email Marketing Effectively for Your Business

Email Marketing is a tool that in the minds of some may be obsolete, but reality shows the opposite. Email has been one of the first digital media to be used and despite its long history, it is still valid and continues to be functional to the needs of brands, basically due to its accessibility and the possibility of reaching an audience in stages.


What is email marketing?

It is defined as a digital marketing tool that sends systematic, organized, and defined emails to a segmented database, to communicate digitally with leads and clients.

The purpose of these emails may vary; Depending on the objective that is proposed. It can be: to add new customers, retain current customers, grow a database, increase sales, spread a novelty, launch a product or service, confirm purchase orders, or remember an abandoned cart, among many other possibilities.

Faced with this situation, with social networks we live a very different reality.


Advantages and potentials of email marketing:

  • It is possible to open it from multiple devices.
  • Personalized messages are created that go directly to the public and with valuable content.
  • It offers the possibility of measuring and evaluating each shipment.
  • Provides the possibility of segmentation.
  • It allows you to connect effectively with clients and potential clients.
  • It offers a wide conversion rate.
  • Facilitate feedback with subscribers.
  • It is functional to communicate news, brand news, and important announcements.
  • Promotes commitment to the brand, that is, commitment.

Did you know all these virtues? Now knowing its advantages and possibilities, let’s get to know how this tool works, that is, what’s behind the scenes.


Definition of objectives

As always, they function as a guide, a treasure map that will guide the way to achieve the proposed goals. Some examples may be: increasing sales, publicizing promotions, and increasing traffic to a blog.


Definition of the strategy

This second step is about planning what is going to be communicated and with what regularity or frequency. It is important to keep in mind that the content must always be reliable, truthful, and provide knowledge.


Preparation of content

The writing is not a minor aspect, but it is vital because it will be the vehicle through which your message travels. So it is essential to speak in the same language as the recipient, telling an engaging story that creates connection and with a Call To Action that generates interest and motivates reading.


Measurement and analysis

The final step, but no less important, as it is vital to know if we are achieving the established objectives and thus know if it is necessary to redefine the strategy, is measurement.

It is important to evaluate: the opening rate, the number of subscribers, both high and low, the number of emails sent, and link clicks.


Don’t spam the practice

Sometimes email marketing or mailing campaigns have seen their reputation affected, since in situations, companies or individuals use this tool to spread spam. Without valuable content or content that has not been requested.

For this reason, a very important and valued practice is to have a reliable database, your own, not purchased. So that each email sent is received positively and not as an invasion of privacy. Therefore, the rule of thumb: is never, ever, buy a database.

It takes a lot of time and work to configure a database, but it is vital to have a segmented, own, and real one, that is, contacts who have previously agreed to receive emails, because otherwise, our shipments will lack impact, running the risk of becoming spam.

Email marketing can be your best ally, so learn to master it and include it in your business.

If you have questions, contact us at Digital Specialist we will provide you the comprehensive digital marketing solutions for your business and entrepreneurship.

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