How to Regain Strength and Stamina after COVID-19

Recovery from COVID-19 could last for several weeks, or months after the infection has gone away. It doesn’t matter if you’re deconditioned from long hospitalization, or struggling with the subtler consequences of a seemingly mild condition, it could be difficult.

Restoring strength and muscle mass as well as physical endurance and breathing capacity mental and emotional wellbeing and daily levels of energy are crucial for hospitalized patients as well as COVID long-haulers as well. Here experts discuss the recovery of COVID-19.


Comprehensive Recovery Plan

Individual recovery requirements differ based on the patient’s COVID-19 treatment. Some of the major health areas that are frequently affected and require to be taken care of include:

  • Mobility and strength. Hospitalization and the virus itself can weaken muscle strength and mass. Inmobility caused by bedrest in the hospital or at home may be reversed slowly.

  • Endurance. Fatigue is a serious issue when COVID is long, and requires the careful pacing of activities.

  • breathing. Lung effects of COVID pneumonitis could last. Treatments with medical and respitory therapies can aid in breathing improvement.

  • Functional Fitness.When activities that are part of everyday life such as lifting household objects can no longer done easily the function may be restored.

  • The state of mind and emotional stability. So-called brain fog can make it difficult to concentrate or work The effect is real, not just an illusion. Being afflicted by an illness that is serious, long-term hospitalization and chronic health issues can be very stressful. Therapy can help.

  • The general health. The disease is too often overlooked problems like cancer care regular dental checks, or dental exams, but general health concerns also need to be addressed.


Strength and mobility

The musculoskeletal system is hit when it takes the brunt of COVID-19, it resonates all over the body. “Muscle plays an important role,” says Suzette Pereira an expert in muscle health working for Abbott, a world-wide health company. “It is responsible for around 40 percent of our body weight, and is an organ for metabolism that is responsible for various organs and tissues within the body. It supplies nutrients to vital organs in times of illnesses And losing too much could be harmful to your health.”

However, if you don’t pay attention on health and fitness of the muscles, strength and function could drastically decrease in COVID-19 patients. “It’s a trap,” says Brianne Mooney an PT working at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. She says that the inactivity can significantly contribute to the loss of muscle, and the ability to move can be difficult when suffering from the disease that drains energy. And to make things worse muscles atrophy causes fatigue, making moving difficult.

Patients may lose as much as 30% of their muscle mass within during the first 10 days following the admission to an intensive care unit, research shows. Patients who are hospitalized with COVID-19 tend to stay admitted to the hospital a minimum of two weeks, whereas those who enter the ICU will spend approximately a month and half there, according to the doctor. Sol M. Abreu-Sosa. She is Physical medicine specialist and rehab expert who treats patients suffering from COVID-19 in the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.



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General Health

It is important to be aware that a new health issue or symptom might be the result of other factors than COVID-19. Multidisciplinary communication is vital when patients are screened for long-term COVID rehabilitation Zanni says.

If you experience cognitive or physical changes and functional issues, or indications of fatigue, physicians must determine if there is a non-COVID cause. Like always the case, cardiac, endocrine oncology and other pulmonary diseases can trigger a myriad of symptoms that are overlapping. All of this points of access to medical services Zanni says, and the necessity of an extensive evaluation instead of simply saying, “This is the long COVID.

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