How To Import An OST File On Another Computer?

Tired of finding a reliable and error-free way to import OST files to another computer? If so, this blog will answer any questions you are facing and related to in the future. In this blog, we are going to go through the process of opening an OST file on another computer with manual and OST Converter to solve these problems permanently for our users.

OST (Offline Storage Table) is an Outlook data file created by Microsoft Outlook to store mailbox data. This file stores a copy of the Exchange Office 365 or mailbox data. It contains all email messages, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and all other components of the mailing account.

Now the question arises, “is it possible to move the OST file to another PC/system?”

Well, it is quite possible to transfer emails from an OST file to another computer. You just know the right techniques. In this article, we will discuss the right approaches with a step-by-step description.

Reason To Import An OST File On Another Computer

  • When users have received or purchased a new system and want to move
  • You want to move data from Outlook for Windows to Outlook for Mac.
  • How to create an Outlook backup as there is no option to create automatic backups in Outlook.

How To Import An OST File On Another System With A Manual Approach?

If you are familiar with Outlook and have technical knowledge of Outlook. Then you can proceed with the Outlook export functions. But don’t enter your important details as this manual approach has some disadvantages which we mentioned after the solution.

  • Open Outlook and navigate to the File menu.
  • Then click Open and then click Import/Export.
  • The import and export wizard will appear on your display, select Export to a file.
  • After clicking the Next button, select the Outlook data file and press the Next button again.
  • Select the mailbox folder that you want to import.
  • Browse the desired output location and then click Finish to get the output immediately.

Why Don’t Experts Rely On The Manual Approach?

  • It will take a lot of time and be a very complicated process.
  • It transfers a single OST file in a single attempt.
  • To perform this native approach, you need Exchange connectivity with your Outlook.
  • This approach is not applicable if your OST file is orphaned.
  • Installing Outlook is mandatory for this approach.

How To Access An OST File On Another System Using An Automated Approach?

If you are not satisfied with the manual approach, you can proceed with Convert OST to PST. It is a top-notch utility to get accurate output without losing a single bit of information. The amazing thing about this software is that you can complete the whole process with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Install Converter and launch it on your Windows machine.
  • Browse all OST files that you want to import.
  • Select PST in the multiple options of export type.
  • Finally, browse the result destination and then press the “Convert” button to get the output immediately.

Other Benefits Of Using Automated Software

  • This software is coded with advanced algorithms to get secure data without losing a single bit of data. Also, the PST file converter offers full assurance that the original data remains unchanged.
  • This software is suitable for converting and recovering orphaned, corrupted, encrypted, and password-protected OST files.
  • You can select specific dates using the email filter option to avoid unnecessary dates.
  • If you have an Outlook profile, you can transfer your Outlook account to another account.
  • This software is easy to use for all types of users.

Wrap Up

On this page, we have explained the process of importing an OST file to another computer. We have listed all the information needed to resolve the issue manually or automatically. It depends on you which one is better for you. Due to several risks or limitations of doing it manually. We recommend you opt for automated software to get an accurate output without any troubles.

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