How to Get Coronavirus inoculation certificates

Instructions to get your authentication If you’re mature 16 or above, you can log in utilizing Yoti or JerseyMe to view and show all your immunization portions on a cell phone or PC. You can email a PDF form of your testament or download a duplicate to your Apple or Google wallet.

Bit by bit

To get your testament:

  • Set up your Yoti or JerseyMe and OneGov record

  • whenever you’re set-up; go to

  • Login utilizing Yoti or jersey

  • to create your endorsement. You can decide to email a duplicate of your declaration to save or print

  • Log in using your advanced ID to get your computerized testament

If you’re matured under 16 years, or on the other hand, if you’re not ready to get a Yoti computerized ID, you (or your folks or security guards) need to call the Coronavirus helpline to get a PDF rendition of your testament messaged to you. Save 30% discount on your order using the DocHQ UK Coupon Code.

  • Bit by bit

  • set up your Yoti and OneGov record

  • whenever you’re set-up, go to and select COVID Status Certificates

  • login utilizing Yoti

  • produce your endorsement. You can decide to email a duplicate of your acceptance to save or print

  • Certification of Coronavirus Status

Coronavirus Status Certification (CSC) is the interaction so you can demonstrate you have:

finished a COVID-19 inoculation course

are as of late recuperated from past contamination with COVID-19

had a new destructive COVID-19 test from a confidential supplier

This proof can be utilized public and universally to partake in homegrown or line COVID Status Certificate plans.

The Government of Jersey works intimately with the UK Government and other global accomplices to ensure that the proof given in Jersey is universally acknowledged. QR Codes are delivered as per the EU DCC particulars.

Who can get an endorsement

You can get your COVID inoculation declaration showing your immunization status on the off chance that the Government of Jersey holds a COVID-19 immunization record for you, either because:

All dosages of the immunization were conveyed in Jersey

you have submitted and endorsed proof of a COVID-19 immunization given to you in another nation utilizing the Covid inoculation proof accommodation structure

You can get your COVID Status Certificate in a paper or computerized design.

  • Computerized certificates


  • When you sign into, the screen will show a solitary QR code for your most recent immunization. Portion data will likewise be on the declaration for past dosages.

  • The QR codes are legitimate for a limit of 30 days. Each time you log in, another QR code is created.

  • Apple or Google wallet

On the off chance that you’re creating your inoculation endorsement utilizing, you have the choice to add a form of your immunization declaration to your Apple or Google Wallet.

Certificates produced in your Google or Apple wallet have a drawn-out expiry of a half year (180 days).

PDF variant

The PDF will show a solitary QR code for your most recent immunization. Portion data will likewise be on the testament for past dosages.

The QR codes are substantial for a limit of 30 days. Another QR code is produced when you log in or are sent another PDF endorsement.

Paper authentication

Secure paper essential course immunization certificates showing the first and second portion are consequently given to all occupants matured five and over in no less than about fourteen days of the subsequent amount being controlled in Jersey.

On the off chance that you have gotten a first promoter portion, you will consequently get a further declaration showing your supporter portion in about fourteen days of the sponsor portion being managed.

The testament contains security highlights and a unique reference number, making it challenging to fashion.

QR codes terminate in 30 days and are excluded from this safe paper design.

This paper testament is acknowledged as proof of your Vaccination Status in numerous nations and regions. For the most state-of-the-art data on passage necessities and limitations, check the GOV.UK unfamiliar travel counsel pages

Look at your location.

Your COVID Status Certificate will be shipped to your enlisted address. Ensure your location is right by the same token:

signing into your OneGov record

calling Customer and Local Services on +44 (0) 1534 444444

Update your location

Quit getting a paper COVID Status Certificate

You can quit getting secure paper COVID Status Certificate shipped off your street number.

Individuals who don’t wish to get a protected paper COVID Status Certificate can quit by reaching the Coronavirus helpline.

Single portion letters

If you haven’t gotten done with a complete essential task of a COVID-19 immunization at this point yet have gotten one portion of the vaccine, you can call the Coronavirus helpline to demand a solid paper single portion letter to be shipped off your enlisted address.

Assuming that you’ve gotten one portion of the immunization outside Jersey

Thinking you have gotten a COVID-19 inoculation outside Jersey, you can finish a structure on the web and transfer your verification of immunization from that country to your Jersey inoculation record.

Transfer confirmation of inoculation portion from another country

To utilize this help, you should:

Be occupant of Jersey

have the proof appearance you got a bit of a World Health Organization-supported COVID-19 immunization in another country

There are three kinds of OK evidence:

a Government or Health Authority gave immunization arrangement card

a Government or Health Authority application showing immunization status

a GP record showing immunization status

The inoculation group will survey applications to guarantee it meets the qualification rules. Whenever supported, your inoculation record will want, and you will want to see your Vaccination Status as a component of your computerized Covid Status Certificate on

If your immunization record shows that you have completed the tasks of an MHRA endorsed COVID-19 immunization, a solid paper Covid Status Certificate will naturally be shipped off your enlisted address.

This cycle might require about fourteen days to finish from the place of use accommodation.


You can show your paper or computerized certificates while voyaging abroad.

Ensure you:

Check the section prerequisites for your objective country on the GOV.UK unfamiliar travel counsel pages

get cutting-edge data from the site of your accurate country

affirm with your correct country that they will acknowledge your Jersey COVID Status Certificate

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