How to Cut Marijuana Branches Correctly?

You’ve harvested all of your marijuana plants, but your work is far from done. Before drying and curing your cannabis, you still need to trim it. Even though it is a vital stage in the growing process, many farmers fear it. You may find trimming with Bud Trimming Scissors tedious, especially if you have a lot of plants to deal with at once.

Still, the trimmed marijuana will satisfy you. Cutting the buds using a pair of scissors isn’t the only method of trimming with Bud Trimming Scissors. Making a mistake can be avoided by following a few simple steps. In this guide, you’ll learn how to trim your marijuana so that you can extract the most potent bud possible.

What Is Weed Removal?

Trimming weeds entails removing the leaves from the buds of the weed plant. By doing this, you’ll be removing any extra leaves that could degrade the bud’s overall quality. Aside from this, the visual appeal will be enhanced as well.

Trimming with water vs. trimming without water

Cutting the proper pieces at the right time can boost the potency of cannabis. Trimming can be done in two ways. You have the option of wet or dry trimming with Bud Trimming Scissors.

Trimming using a dry comb

The dry approach is used by certain gardeners when they have little time to sit down. To dry, you would hang the plant up for a few days at a time. Finally, the buds are removed from the branches and the branches are trimmed. For large-scale growers, dry cutting is more beneficial.


Dry trimming has the potential to be turned into edibles. After drying the plants, you can save the sugar leaves. If they don’t want to deal with a lot of mess, growers may prefer this strategy. Because the trichomes become rigid, their stickiness diminishes.

Arid trimming with Bud Trimming Scissors can benefit those living in dry areas. Humidity builds up around the buds, slowing the process. As a result, terpenes will not be rapidly lost in the arid climate.

Another benefit of dry clipping is that you are less likely to taste the grass. The buds are also thicker.


The trichomes become brittle as a result of dry trimming with Best Bud Trimming Scissors. Managing the buds with care is necessary because they are prone to breaking. Mold can thrive in damp conditions, so it’s important to keep an eye on humidity levels.

It takes up more space to hang the plants because you’ll be stringing up the entire plant. The buds, of course, fade in color. Dry trimming is generally more time-consuming than wet trimming with Best Bud Trimming Scissors.

Dry Trimming

The wet trimming process is preferred by many cannabis farmers. You’d do it all in one session right after harvest. The plant must be trimmed down and the sugar leaves must be removed from the branches. Starting from the bottom and working your way up is preferred by some people. After that, the buds must be dried and cured.


Sugar and fan leaves, which shrivel up in the dry process, are easier to remove by growers. The blooms lose moisture when sugar leaves are absent. Faster and with less danger of mold formation as a result. It’s a good idea to wet-shave those who live in humid areas.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about trichomes fracturing when using this method. Preserved flavors can be enjoyed in exquisite buds. Wet trimming with Best Bud Trimming Scissors is an option if your growing space is limited. In many cases, drying racks allow for more buds to be dried.


Gloves are often used since the process is more clumsy and difficult to control. The muddle can add to the monotony of the procedure. The flavor of the buds can be affected if they dry out too rapidly.

Toward the end of the plant’s lifecycle, the buds themselves become less dense and compact. Trimming each plant correctly can take a long time, even though drying is faster.

Scissors or Machine for Haircutting

The majority of people who trim their weeds at home do so by hand, although some growers utilize a weed trimmer. To cut the leaves by hand, you’d need a pair of scissors. Knives and shears can be adjusted on the machines using levers. To remove the leaves, the buds are rotated in a bin.

Trimming machines are offered in a wide range of configurations. Be sure to weigh the pros and disadvantages of each tool before making a final decision.

Trimming Scissors for Marijuana

The buds can be trimmed and shaped using cannabis trimming scissors. Every one of them will have their best traits highlighted by you. Cutting weeds using scissors is usually more precise. Because you don’t have to buy a machine trimmer, the manual approach is more cost-effective.

With each blossom, you’re more likely to find problems. Mold and insects are two examples of problems. It’s possible to get high-quality marijuana from some people. But there are several drawbacks to weeding by hand.

The primary disadvantage is the time and concentration it requires. When you’re dealing with a large number of buds, the process might become tedious. Having a pal help with weeding can be beneficial. It’s also a lot messier than using a machine.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Weed Trimmer

Cannabis trimming machines are popular because of their speed. Commercial producers can easily and quickly consume all of their buds. A few pounds of cannabis can be processed by some machines in a single hour.

Additionally, the trimmings are collected by the equipment, so you don’t have to deal with a dirty area. After cutting with a machine, each strain will look the same. You’ll be able to grow some gorgeous flowers.

It’s possible to over-trim the buds while using machinery. The buds may shrink in size. Over-trimming not only reduces the strength and flavor but also reduces the size.

It accomplishes this by removing some of the trichomes. In the end, each bud is unique in terms of its structure and dimensions. Trimming with Best Bud Trimming Scissors machines don’t account for these differences in size.

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