How Much Does It Cost to Maintain an App in 2022?

Do you think developing and launching the app is the final task? It isn’t the end. After you launch your app, you need to keep the app updated. 

In today’s digital era, every user stays updated and is tech-savvy. Being a business leader, it becomes your responsibility to maintain the app timely. Thus, availing mobile app maintenance services can be a great choice.

This blog post covers all the necessary costs to maintain an app in 2022. 

Factors Affecting The App Maintenance Cost In 2022

1) Bug Fixing & Frequent Updates

If you are using any electronic gadgets, it may not work perfect as time passes. The same fundamental works with a mobile app. After developing the app, fix the bugs you rectify in the app. 

You also need to work on frequent updates to give your users a flawless app experience. 

Talking about the cost, if the bug is in the gathering phase, the cost could be $150. If the developers can find the bug in the QA testing phase, the cost could be $1500. If there is a bug after the final development of the app, the estimated app cost could be $10,000.

All the costs mentioned above may increase or decrease depending on the bug found in the app. 

2) Updating the latest Android or iOS Software

Operating System plays an important role when it comes to running an app. There is no such app that can run without an OS. To give your user a flawless experience through the app, you must upgrade your OS versions. 

The estimated cost for upgrading an OS will range to you between 16-25% of the license cost per year. 

3) Updating and Publishing New Content

Developing and publishing the app in Play Store and App Store is not the end task. After the app gets published, it becomes your responsibility to provide timely content. 

Publishing and updating content on the app with the help of any app maintenance company may cost you between $ 500-$1000 monthly. 

For any new content, you need to hire writers or agency who can help you out with this. 

4) Maintaining of API and Hosting

The cost of API service depends on the number of API calls you make. The hosting which you are choosing should be reliable and well-known. 

The service and maintenance of hosting, depending on the service provider. From the beginning to the advanced plan, the cost varies from $500-$2500. 

5) Managing Push Notification

In today’s digital era, almost every app comes with push notification features. It helps businesses to grow and allows customers to know all new updates. 

Maintaining push notifications helps a business leader to send any updates to their customers. 

The estimated cost of maintaining push notifications varies between $1000-$5000. 


To keep your business app updated, it becomes important to get timely update. This will help the user to get the latest version of the app. 

Hopefully, the above-mentioned pointers have given you an idea about the app maintenance cost.

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