How much Does it Cost to Build a Progressive Web Application?

Slow-loading mobile web pages are the bearer of low traffic. Users have the least patience for mobile sites that take forever to load.

According to reports from Think with Google, approximately 53% of mobile site visitors exit a page that takes over three seconds to load.

It indicates that you require to fasten the speed of your site drastically. However, here comes the tricky part, a mobile webpage takes 15 seconds to load fully.

So, the burning query is how to boost a site’s speed? The answer is by developing Progressive Web Apps, popularly known as PWAs.

The progressive web apps assist in speeding up your web pages’ loading time. This blog will discuss the cost of creating a PWA for productivity.

So, let’s dive in.

Cost to Create PWA in Various Countries

The app development cost of a reliable and robust PWA will vary from country to country and depend on developers’ skills and experience.

  • PWA development costs in the USA and Canada are the most expensive. The developers from these regions may charge approximately $40 to $150 per hour 

  • Australian developers- $50-120 per hour

  • UK developers- $40 to $130 per hour

  • Indonesia’s developers- $20 per hour

Cost to build PWA development based on Development Phases

The PWA development procedure includes mainly five phases:

  • PWA project validation

  • Conversion-based UI/UX design

  • Development Time

  • Risk awareness

  • Structure Plan

During the discovery stage, you get precise project documentation. Further discussion with a progressive web app agency will provide a PWA development cost estimation with the project deadline. Once the partnership begins, a dedicated team is appointed to the PWA project. The team may include a project manager, QA, senior developer, UI/UX designer, etc.

The approximate amount required for PWA discovery may range from USD 1,000 to USD 10,000, depending on the developers’ experience, with a time frame of one to five weeks.

Cost of a Progressive Web Application Based on App Complexity

It is essential to have an idea of the product design or a wireframe of the PWA before the development phase. The cost for progressive web app design directly correlates to the number of screens/pages.

Features and complexity impact the cost of PWA product development. Traditional elements like user accounts, notifications, and search bars cost less. However, integrating third-party apps and connections with a CMS, audio streaming, and social media capacities is regarded as complex and thus would be more expensive.

  • A simple progressive web app costs may range from $3000 to $12000

  • Developing a complex PWA app may cost between $12000 and $30000. 

  • A complex and feature-rich progressive web app may cost from $25000 to $50000.

The Bottom Line

People engage mobile apps for every task in today’s world. With PWAs, you can boost your website traffic, conversion rates, and user engagement while lowering the bounce rate. Furthermore, you can also take the services of a progressive app development company to validate your business idea. The overall cost of creating PWAs ranges from $3000 to $50000 depending on the developer’s location, experience, skills, app complexity, etc.

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