How does the Heat Exchanger system work?

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the device that transfers the heat between fluids without mixing or blending them. There are walls that have a high thermal conductivity which separates the fluid. The walls are thick so that it prevents the mixing of fluids or direct contact between them. There is a working media that rejects or absorbs the heat from the processed liquid. This process results in the cooling or heating of the fluid stream.

The transmission of heat exchangers comprises the use of fluid convection and thermal conduction. Heat exchangers differ from fuel, electrical, and nuclear-powered heat transfer devices such as boilers. The source of heat and the receiving medium must be fluids. Fluids are substances that flow under shear stress or an external force and include liquids, gases, and vapors.

Industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, bioprocessing, and chemical manufacturing use heat exchangers. In such sectors, heating or cooling is the last or intermediate stage in preparing fluids for future processing. Industries use this for sterilization of the microorganisms in food and pharmaceuticals.  

How do the heat exchangers work?

The heat exchanger in a gas furnace is near the combustion chamber. If we talk about an electric furnace, it is near the coil. The heat source heats up the exchanger and warms up the air present outside. 

There are two heat exchangers present in some furnaces. They consist of primary and secondary heat-exchanging systems. The primary exchangers are of aluminized steel that transfers heat better than stainless steel. Secondary heat exchangers are made up of a series of pins that finish the cycle of converting exhaust gases into water. 

Mechanism of Heat Transfer-

The mechanism of transfer of heat involves conduction and convection. The driving force of heat transfer is the temperature difference between the inlet and the outlet. 

Approach Temperature-

This method is the difference between the fluid stream’s outlet and inlet temperatures minus the process stream’s inlet and outlet temperatures. In hot approach temperatures, the difference is between the inlet hit inlet and cold outlet temperatures. On the other hand, in the cold approach, there is a cold and hot outlet approach. 

Every heat exchanger has an ideal approach temperature. When buying heat exchangers, one must keep this in mind when buying heat exchangers. Since the miscalculation can lead to the wrong heat exchangers for a process. 


Conduction is the heat transfer by direct collisions of adjacent molecules.  A molecule having higher kinetic energy transfers the kinetic energy to the molecule having lower kinetic energy. This situation generally occurs in solids. 


This occurs through the bulk motion of the fluid against the surface of the wall. Therefore it transfers the thermal energy. In this phenomenon, the rate of heat loss is proportional of the body to the difference between the body temperature and its surroundings. 

Heat exchangers help in controlling the fluid temperatures in food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals processing which is used for pasteurization, sterilization, clean in place, and other hygienic operations. 

The main purpose of heat exchangers is the transfer of two or more fluids to regulate temperatures during the processing of food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals. 

  • Food and beverage industry –  This industry makes products safe for consumption by using heat exchangers. It extends the shelf life by preventing the growth of harmful microbes. 

  • Milk Processing- Pasteurize milk with the help of a heat exchanger by raising the milk temperature. 

  • Pharmaceutical Processing – With the help of heat exchangers, this industry mixes the ingredients in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals at specific temperatures to ensure the safe use and quality of the product. 

Wrapping it up:-

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