How Does Shared Hosting Impact SEO?

Hosting is the first and foremost need of a website to ensure its availability online. Most new site owners opt for shared hosting because it is cost-effective and easy to manage. Such sites often have limited web traffic, so they do not have higher SEO rankings too. However, the popularity of the site grows, and SEO rankings also improve due to constant effort and work.

Shared hosting becomes a hindrance for SEO when it starts getting high traffic. There are a number of factors that help boost search engine rankings. If any of these factors show issues in terms of shared hosting, it will negatively impact your SEO efforts and rankings. So, look for the signs and pick a better hosting plan to balance both and ensure perfect site functioning.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to learn and explore how shared hosting impacts SEO and take the appropriate measures to not lose out on anything.

Top 6 Ways Shared Hosting Impacts SEO

Search engine optimization is necessary to boost the visibility of the site on the web. On the other hand, hosting is crucial to ensure the online availability of the site. If the site is not perfectly available online, it will automatically impact its visibility and lead to numerous other issues. Shared hosting is considered problematic for SEO, as it hosts multiple sites on the same server and shares resources among them.

Here are the major ways shared hosting impacts SEO and make websites lose ranking.

Site Speed

Site speed is the very first way shared hosting impacts SEO. Shared servers often have too many sites hosted on them. With too many sites on it, it is natural for the server to respond later and take more time for site loading. Slow-loading sites frustrate users and make them quit. All of these negatively impact search engine optimization and rankings. So, a fast-loading site is basic for SEO. Many site owners consult web hosting Dubai services to pick the hosting which positively impacts their site speed and SEO.

Traffic Surges

Traffic surges is another important way shared hosting impacts the SEO of a site. If you are planning to grow your web traffic through sales or other online offers, you must prepare to handle the traffic in advance. The resources in shared hosting are often limited, due to which sites fail to handle traffic surges efficiently. With poor traffic surge management, a negative user experience is a given. The search engine does not recommend sites with such issues, which leads to negative SEO. So, make sure to manage your resources efficiently to handle traffic surges.

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Site Downtime

Site downtime is the next way shared hosting leads to issues with SEO. With too much load on the server, server down is quite a common issue. It will automatically reduce the uptime of your site and cause higher downtimes. When the site is not accessible to the user traffic, it will negatively impact the users’ experience. Although downtime does not directly impact the rankings, the poor user experience conveys the message of a negative response to the search engine. This, in turn, makes the search engine classify the site as unreliable and hurts its rankings.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are the next way shared hosting impacts the SEO of a website. SSL certificates build the credibility of a site and communicate reliability and assurance of security to the search engine of users. Most shared hosting service providers offer SSL certificates, but there are some who do not. So, if you are hosting your site on a shared server that does not offer an SSL certificate, the credibility of your site is at stake. It significantly impacts web traffic and SEO rankings, so pay it due attention.

Site Backup

Site backup is another crucial way shared hosting impacts the SEO of a site. Regular site backup is the most important thing, as you can easily lose your website data through hacking attempts or natural disasters. Losing website data means losing all your links and SEO performance. Having a website backup can help you restore everything step by step. However, without it, you will have to restart from scratch and work on search engine optimization of your site again.

IP Address Migrations

IP address migration is the last way shared hosting affects the SEO of a site. With a shared hosting plan, the sites often have to migrate from one server to another in search of better quality service. It keeps changing its IP address and confuses the search engines. The lack of a dedicated IP address impacts SEO poorly and leads the site to low rankings. You can contact and consult the best website hosting in Dubai to look for a better hosting solution for your site and ensure it positively impacts the SEO too.

Is shared hosting affecting your SEO efforts?

If yes, it might be time to upgrade your hosting plan and look for better and more suitable options. Feel free to contact and consult hosting experts to find the ideal solution for your site and enjoy a balance of hosting and SEO.  

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