Hire a Fiction Ghostwriter Who Knows These 5 Elements of Fiction

Every story is meant for entertainment, whether it is fiction or nonfiction. If you want to write a fiction story for your play then hiring a ghostwriter is your best bet. A ghostwriter is someone who is not credited for his work but instead paid for it and you credit yourself under it. We all have busy lives and a lot to deal with, not everybody has the time to write their own story. So in that case what people do is hire a fiction ghostwriter. After hiring a ghostwriter they give him/her a draft or a creative brief of what this fiction story should be about. So then the ghostwriter starts working on that and provides you with the exact fiction story that you have visioned. Here are the 5 elements to keep in mind:

  1. Character

The characters are the pillars of each story. Each character must possess a certain trait or power that separates them from the rest. Deciding how many protagonists and antagonists your story or novel must have is first. And once decided, the protagonist and antagonists should be the highlight and the main priority. Once everything is in place making sure the flow of your story is good and making sure that there is character development in the story is very important. A character must grow over a period of time. Each character must identify with real-life human beings. When reading a story, people want to relate to that character so having a real-life point of view in place is the best choice. Hire a fiction ghostwriter that can make up a good character for your play.

  1. Plot

Everything happening in a story, whatever the events, twists, or dramatic turns are there in the story makes up its plot. To make sure that your story has a good plot, your writer must make sure that the plot is interesting, and that everything occurring in the story makes sense. If nothing in the story makes any sense that means it has a bad plot. The writer should work on the plot and prioritize it equally. Because having a good character does not always make up for a good plot. Having great characters and plots should similarly be as important.

  1. POV

There are three POVs (points of view): first, second, and third person perspectives. A point of view sets the tone. Having a first-person point of view means you would be telling a story from the main character’s point of view which makes it more intimate and interesting. And in the third person perspective, you are the narrator telling the story. From the second person’s point of view, the reader becomes part of the story. So for a great pov story, you need to hire a fiction ghostwriter.

  1. Setting

Setting for your story is as important as everything else we discussed above. The settings totally change the tone and everything for the story itself. If your story is based in present-day England city, or if it is set in the past, future or whatever is a whole different thing that gives an opportunity to play with the plot. Based on a good setting, you can make up great events that will also help your characters evolve.

  1. Writing style and tone

Settings a creative tone is the best choice to make. The writing style makes up a good story that also sets an excellent tone for it. Make sure to not drift away from the plot and have the right choice of words in mind that sets up an event. Your writing style and tone go a long way with the reader, make sure to not lose the reader and have his eyes glued to your work.


In this article, we have discussed what you need to know before you hire a fiction ghostwriter. We have mentioned five elements that your ghostwriter should be focused on when writing a story or novel for you. Each of these elements is as important as the other. Having a good-built protagonist and antagonist, plot, point of view, setting, and writing style & tone are some of the basic things a good ghostwriter must know when writing a fiction story.

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