Digital Art

Hatching Procreate Brushes

Product Specs

  • Compatible with: Procreate
  • File Size: 14 MB

Hatching Procreate Brushes are specially designed for Illustrators, Graphic Designers and Comic Sketchers who want to save hours and speed up their digital drawing workflow.


  • 13 Hatching Procreate Brushes: (.brush & .brushset)
    • Sketchbook Paper Texture Brush
    • Lines in a Row Brush
    • Intermittent Lines Brush
    • Hatching Liner
    • Hatching Brush (Vertical)
    • Hatching Brush (Horizontal)
    • Hatching Brush (Randomized)
    • Hatching Brush (Scattered Lines)
    • Four Lines Hatching Brush
    • Chinese Lettering Liner
    • Abstract Hatching Lines (Sparse Lines)
    • Abstract Hatching Lines
    • 3D Lines

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