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Groove3 Oeksound Bloom Explained Free Download

Groove3 Oeksound Bloom Explained Free Download

Groove3 Oeksound Bloom Explained

If you’re struggling to get your tracks to sound the way you want them, bloom from oeksound could be the answer. In this bloom video course, production guru Larry Holcombe will take you on a deep dive through the plug-in’s parameters and controls, demonstrating how you can use it to reshape your tracks for the better in many ways. Whether you need to solve frequency problems or want to add more character, warmth, or clarity, you’ll learn it all here, and your productions will thank you! These bloom videos are designed for new bloom users.

Larry starts with a brief overview of the plug-in, discussing what it is and what it can do for your tracks, followed by a tour of the interface, so you’ll be on solid footing as we progress through the course. He then provides a quick-start guide to using the plug-in, so you can start messing around with sounds right away to get your feet wet.

Next, you’ll explore the main section, where you’ll hear how the Amount/Squash knob (used for input-dependent compression) and the Attack/Release parameters affect the sound. This is followed by an examination of the tone controls, which allow us to sculpt certain frequency ranges of the signal in numerous ways.

Other topics include the processing graph (which provides a visual display of the processing), the quality selector (for balancing CPU usage with performance), stereo modes (linked, M/S split, and L/R split), calibration/output sections (for matching processed output with bypassed output), the toolbar (various features found there, such as undo/redo, etc.), and more. Larry ends the course with a demonstration of Bloom in action on a few tracks, so you can see and hear the processing in context.

This is a powerful plug-in with vast tonal-shaping possibilities, and this bloom course is the best and quickest way to learn how to use it to its fullest potential on your own productions. Check out the individual oeksound bloom video tutorial descriptions for more information on everything this plug-in can do and how to use it in your own tracks. Set your sounds up for greatness… Watch “oeksound bloom Explained®” today!

What You Will Learn:
-Interface layout and quick-start basics
-Setting the Amount/Squash, Attack, and Release parameters for desired effect
-Using the individual tone controls to adjust specific frequency ranges of your signal for optimum sound
-How to use the various stereo modes (linked, M/S split, L/R split) to handle specific situations
-And more!

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