Factors to consider for investing in a fixed deposit

A fixed deposit is a pronounced option to save a share of your funds. It offers stable FD interest rates and can be enormously safer than equity investments or mutual funds. However, when selecting the financial institute in which to make the deposit, judiciously contemplate some imperative factors.

Selecting the right bank or organization

You can securely open an FD account with any PSU or large private segment bank. You can also open an FD account. Several corporates also invite fixed deposits at eye-catching FD interest rates, to raise funds for operations. However, don’t elect where to capitalize based exclusively on the rate of interest offered on your deposit. It is one of the imperative contemplations, but there are other details you have to delve into.


Public and private sector banks function under the control and management of the Reserve Bank of India. They have to conform to the rules and regulations of the RBI, and cannot default on payments. However, if you choose a corporate FD, they are not synchronized by the RBI, and you undertake an extensive amount of risk. Corporate FD might offer higher FD interest rates, but the security of your money depends on the corporation’s financial steadiness.

Fees and Charges

If you make a decision to close an fd before the adulthood length, your bank may levy a penalty of up to at least one% interest on the quantity. That is if the financial institution gives 7% hobby on your deposit, and you withdraw the amount before time, you will simplest realize 6% interest at the deposit up to the date of withdrawal.

Interest Earnings and Tax

If the entire interest you earn for your fd is above rs. 10,000 consistent with annum, it will likely be taxed. Calculate the tax you have to pay on the interest profits and subtract it from the whole annual hobby earned to see if the fd is a profitable funding.

Compounded Interest

If you have other sources of profits, pick out to reinvest your interest on the fd, to earn more. The subsequent interest calculation may be on your principal along with the interest from the previous fd. Use a set deposit interest calculator facility to arrive at terms that in shape your needsearned to peer if the fd is a worthwhile investment.

When you are eyeing for a financial organization to open an FD, contemplate all the above points before you make a choice. It is a safe investment alternative, but your investment might not yield high returns. For that, you might need to boost your fixed deposits with investments in other schemes like SIPs and mutual funds.

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