Easy Ways to Export Mac Outlook Calendar to Gmail Account

The article deals with the various reasons and benefits that a user may have for exporting their calendar from the Mac Outlook application to their Gmail account. This process allows a user to synchronize their schedule and events across multiple devices, create a backup copy of their calendar, collaborate with others, switch to a new email service, or migrate data to a new computer. Understanding the needs and motivations behind exporting a calendar can help users to make informed decisions about how to best manage their schedule and events.

Needs of the Users to Export Mac Outlook Calendar to Gmail Account

There are several reasons why a user may need to export their Mac Outlook calendar to their Gmail account:

  • Synchronization: Exporting the calendar allows the user to have access to their schedule and events on multiple devices, such as a phone or tablet, that are connected to their Gmail account.
  • Backup: Exporting the calendar to Gmail creates a backup copy of the user’s schedule and events, which can be useful in case of data loss on the local machine.
  • Collaboration: Exporting the calendar to Gmail allows the user to share their schedule and events with others who have access to their Gmail account, making it easier to coordinate and schedule meetings and events.
  • Switching to a new email service: If a user decides to switch to a new email service, exporting their calendar to their new email account can help them to easily transfer their schedule and events.
  • Data migration: If a user is migrating data from an old computer to a new one, exporting their calendar to their Gmail account can help to ensure that they don’t lose their schedule and events in the process.

Exporting your calendar from Mac Outlook to Gmail account can be a simple process. 

Here are a few easy methods to do so:

What are the ways to transfer data from OLM files to Gmail?

Two popular methods are available to import OLM files into a Gmail account, one is manually, and another is by using a professional third-party tool that can add OLM files to MS Outlook for Mac.

These are some easy ways to export your Outlook calendar to your Gmail account. By following these steps, you can easily keep your schedule in sync across multiple platforms.

Effective Way to Import OLM files to Gmail

Advik OLM to Gmail Converter Wizard is a highly efficient tool that enables users to import one or multiple OLM files to their Gmail account without any data loss. The software allows users to preview the data and select specific folders to import from the OLM file to Gmail. Furthermore, it is compatible with various versions of Outlook for Mac such as 2019, 2016, 2011, etc.

Complete Tutorial on Importing OLM files to Gmail account

  1. Download and launch the OLM Converter Tool on your computer.
  2. Use the “Add Files or Folder” option to browse and select the OLM file.
  3. Enter your Gmail email address and third-party app password to Sign In.
  4. Click the “Convert” button to import the OLM file to your Gmail account.

Lastly, a final process report can be downloaded for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to open OLM file on Windows Outlook, is it possible to do so with this program?

For that, you need to use Advik OLM to PST Converter Tool because this software is specially designed to import OLM to Gmail account. For other purposes, you have to choose different programs.

Can your software import OLM calendar to Gmail?

Yes, our software is fully authorized to import OLM calendar to Gmail in just few simple steps.

How to transfer OLM contacts to Gmail?

Yes, you can easily export Outlook for Mac Contacts (.olm) to Gmail using this tool. First, start by adding OLM files to the software window, then select the contact folder. Provide your Gmail login information and click on the “Convert” button to complete the process of importing OLM contacts to Gmail.

Manual Method for transferring data from OLM files to Gmail

Users can manually import the data from Outlook for Mac, OLM files into a Gmail account. This process includes transferring emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and other folder items into Gmail. But first, you need to set up your Gmail account for IMAP, then add the Gmail account to Outlook, finally transfer the OLM file data to Gmail.

Step 1: Activating IMAP in Gmail

  1. Access your Gmail account through a web browser, and sign in.
  2. Click on the settings icon, then select “See All Settings”
  3. In the settings window, navigate to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
  4. Under the “IMAP Access” section, select the option to “Enable IMAP”
  5. Finally, click on “Save Changes” to activate IMAP in your Gmail account.

Step 2: Integrating Gmail with Outlook for Mac

The steps for adding a Gmail account to Outlook for Mac may vary depending on your version. Here’s how to sync Gmail with Outlook for Mac 2019/2016:

  1. Launch the Outlook for Mac application.
  2. Navigate to Outlook > Preferences > Accounts.
  3. On the Accounts page, click on the “+” sign to add a new account.
  4. In the setup wizard, enter your Gmail email address and password.
  5. Click on “Continue”.
  6. Grant permission to Outlook to access your Gmail account.
  7. Re-open Outlook and verify that your Gmail account is now integrated.

Step 3: Transferring Emails to Gmail account

  1. In Outlook for Mac, navigate to the folder you want to transfer to your Gmail account.
  2. Right-click on the folder and select “Move or Copy” option.
  3. In the next window, select the Gmail label name from the list, and click “Copy.”
  4. Finally, select the “Send/Receive” option to transfer all OLM emails to your Gmail account.

These are the three necessary steps to import OLM file data into your Gmail account, but the process might be complicated for some users or they may worry about data loss. A third-party utility can be used to import multiple OLM files to a Gmail account without any hassle.

Limitations of Manual Method

The manual method is only capable of exporting emails from OLM to Gmail, and it may not be successful in exporting OLM contacts or calendar details. Additionally, there are several drawbacks to using the manual solution, including:

  • It can be a time-consuming process as it is indirect.
  • There is a risk of data loss during the export process.
  • It requires technical expertise or assistance from an expert to export OLM to Gmail using the manual method.


In summary, this article discussed the two main methods for importing OLM files to Gmail. The manual approach is straightforward and effective, but if you encounter difficulties transferring all OLM file contents to Gmail, an OLM Converter Tool can be used as an alternative. The software allows users to import all mailbox items including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. from the Outlook for Mac data file (OLM) into a Gmail account.

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