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If you want to save more money on your shopping, you should use Unimat Traffic. The company is an international brand that offers a range of products to customers at a discounted price. You can also save money by taking advantage of the latest offers. Here, you can find a selection of deals that are available on Unimat Traffic. Read on for more details! Also, don’t forget to browse the site’s categories to discover even more amazing deals!

Speed humps

When you need a way to slow traffic down, Unimat speed humps can be a great solution. These humps can help reduce road accidents and are a great way to improve the safety of your community. These prefabricated speed bumps bolt into the ground and are permanent. If you live in an area where speeding is a problem, you can start a petition to get these humps installed. Once you convince the county officials that they are needed, they will install them.

These temporary traffic calming devices are typically installed along major highways and residential streets. They are most effective when placed mid-block between two intersections so that ambulances can stop quickly. They provide a number of benefits, but they are best used where speed is low and vehicles can safely maintain speeds around 15-20 miles per hour. To find out more about Unimat speed humps, visit the website below! If you’d like to learn more, contact a company that specializes in speed humps.

Unimat speed humps are made of durable and high-quality rubber. The 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Humps will slow traffic to 10 to 15 mph and are an excellent choice for parking lots, roadways, and schools. Their modular units lock together to create a uniform surface that will prevent drivers from overshooting their speed limits. And if you’re on a budget, Unimat speed humps are a great choice for your property.

These safety devices are a great solution for residential streets. While their height is relatively small compared to a regular hump, they can still cause injury. This is why they are best for residential areas and school zones. But they are not the only place where they are useful. If you live on a road where speeding is a problem, you should consider getting a speed humps for residential streets. And if you do decide to install one, make sure to consult with a traffic safety attorney before installing them.

Rubber parking blocks

This type of rubber parking block weighs 34 pounds. Made from recycled rubber, it is durable and resistant to the elements. These blocks are highly visible, thanks to their reflective stripes. They have four mounting holes for permanent installation. Unlike concrete curbs, rubber parking blocks are easy to detect. They also feature a molded-in reflective tape to increase their visibility. Parking bumpers can be a significant obstruction for pedestrians and have resulted in countless catastrophic orthopedic injuries.

Since they are flexible, rubber parking blocks are ideal for uneven, paved parking lots. They come with four different mounting options including 12″ steel spikes, eight-inch lag bolts, and 5″ ‘TapCons’. They can be easily installed and removed. For extra stability, they can be easily re-installed whenever you need them. Whether you want to install them permanently or remove them in the future, you can rely on the Unimat rubber parking blocks.

The rubber parking block also helps reduce the damage caused by low-front-end cars. Because they are made of flexible rubber, they lay flat on uneven surfaces and are 90% lighter than concrete parking blocks. The blocks also provide enhanced visibility for pedestrians and drivers. These parking blocks are perfect for parking areas where cars must be parked. So, if you are looking for a rubber parking block to increase the safety and security of your parking area, consider Park-It.

Whether you are looking for a parking bumper or an additional line of defense, rubber parking bumpers will prevent vehicles from rolling over the edge. While this parking bumper is an effective tool for reducing dangers and improving parking space organization, it can be hazardous to a vehicle’s front wheels. Rubber parking bumpers are a great solution for parking lots and are ideal for use in any location. These parking barriers also make it easier to see the lines of vehicles when approaching the parking area.

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