CT Scan: The Most Reliable Imaging Modality in Modern Medicine

Your healthcare professional uses CT scanning as a noninvasive, painless technique to diagnose issues. A CT scan may be performed at a hospital or imaging centre. Type the words “CT Scan Near Me” in your internet browser to find the best CT scan center in Gurgaon.

A computed tomography (CT) scan can produce comprehensive images of any part of bones, muscles, organs, blood vessels and other body parts. CT scans may be used to obtain fluid or tissue samples as well as to prepare for surgery or therapy. You must have a clear idea about the average CT scan price in Gurgaon, before going for the diagnosis.

Difference Between a CT Scan & X-ray

Traditional X-ray machines employ a fixed tube to direct X-rays to a specific location. X-rays are absorbed in varying amounts by various tissues as they pass through the body. Higher-density tissues provide a whiter picture than lower-density tissues against the film’s black backdrop. X-rays generate two-dimensional pictures. CT scans use a doughnut-shaped tube that circulates the surrounding X-ray 360 degrees. The data collected gives a thorough 3D image of your body’s interior.

CT is founded on the fundamental idea that the attenuation coefficient (a measurement of how readily an incoming energy beam may enter a material) may be used to calculate the density of the tissue traversed by the x-ray beam. Using this technique, CT allows for the reconstruction of body density via a two-dimensional section perpendicular to the acquisition system’s axis.

Bodily components appear to overlap on X-rays, making it tough to discern everything. For a sharper picture, the CT scan displays the gaps between organs.

The Advantages of CT Scans

A CT scan can reveal fractures (broken bones), certain cancers and noncancerous or benign tumors, blood clots, cardiovascular disease, disorders of the bowel (Crohn’s disease and blockages), diseases or injuries to brain and spine, and internal bruising. CT is most typically used in the examination of patients with severe head trauma and severe neurological dysfunction in the emergency room, especially to screen for probable intracranial or subarachnoid hemorrhage. Because of its sensitivity and incredibly fast acquisition time in identifying bleeding, it is the modality of choice in the emergency scenario.

Generally, CT is beneficial in vascular diseases such as ischemic stroke (more than 2 days old) and acute hemorrhagic stroke. It is also utilized in situations of traumatic brain injury and hydrocephalus. It could also be beneficial to utilize contrast in infections, abscesses, metastatic and primary CNS tumors,

CT Scan With Contrast

A contrast dye or agent may be used in your scan at times. It enhances photographs by highlighting certain characteristics. Depending upon the nature of the CT scan and the purpose of the scan, your healthcare professional will either have you swallow a specific liquid that contains the contrast agent or administer patients an IV shot with the contrast agent, or both. The contrast agent is drained out of the body with the urine. 

It is recommended that you visit a reputable CT scan centre in Gurgaon. Go for a top-quality multispecialty hospital that offers the best quality with an affordable CT Scan price in Gurgaon. Search for “CT Scan Near Me” in any search engine before making the final decision or choice.

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