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Boom Library Cinematic Hits DS

Boom Library Cinematic Hits DS
The Designed edition and the Construction Kit differ from each other fundamentally:

Construction Kit: Here you are delivered the raw and unedited recordings. Imagine yourself recording a “huge metal gate” – this is exactly what your source file will be. But it will be in the highest quality and without any disturbing background noises.
How you make those raw recordings sound at the end lies solely in your hands. Here you have the freedom to edit the recorded sound exactly as you wish. Gates, EQ, distortion, Lo-Fi, reverb – down the road lay the drafts of your own, unique sound effects.
Designed: The source files here are also the recordings from the Construction Kit, but they are pre-produced and edited by BOOM Library sound designers. You can import the sound effects directly into your project, without having to work on them yourself. The effects are “ready to use” and show the range of possibilities the BOOM Library has to offer.

(Tip: The BOOM Library website offers plenty of tutorials to show you, how to create unique sounds based on these raw Wave Files. They are especially suited to study sound design from the beginning.)
A description and the metadata files are contained in the folder and can be imported perfectly into an audio management program like Soundminer. Thus you can scan your project through the keyword search for a suitable sound. Personally, I have to say that in the beginning, I was looking for the Kontakt file, maybe just by habit. But if you work with sound design frequently, you will soon understand the intention behind supplying raw audio files:

– No tedious exporting from the VST plugin
– Direct editing with audio effects is possible
– The use of resources is minimal
– No annoying installation – quick access to all the sounds

In my opinion, this is the best option, specifically tailored for sound designers.
Sampled is everything that one could call “Hits”: Drum kits (Crashes, HiHats, Rides, Toms , Snares), explosions, fire, glass, thunder, doors, tool boxes, sci-fi sound effects, funny details like a piano lid, and a lot more. I would like to highlight the sub effects , that I liked the most:

Download Procreate and Photoshop Brushes File Click here Download Now!
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