Bézier Buddy – Your Guide to Mastering Bézier Curves in Design

Vector artists, meet your new best friend.

With over 150 versatile vector brushes, Bézier Buddy is your ultimate vector inking pal for Adobe Illustrator. Say goodbye to janky linework with multiple stroke sizes designed to accommodate just about any line length, tablet-optimized pressure settings and little to no stretching or compression.

What’s Included:

  • 140 vector art brushes.
  • 12 “no-stretch” Infinity Pens*
  • Installation instructions.
  • Tutorial video.
  • *Note: Infinity Pens not compatible with Illustrator for iPad.

What You’ll Dig:

  • Sampled from real analog brush and pen marks.
  • Versatile range of brush styles and effects.
  • Multiple taper profiles and line lengths to suit any situation.
  • Repeating Infinity Pens eliminate stretched and compressed brush effects.
  • Tablet optimized for hand inking with the Brush Tool.

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