Best 9 Weed Grinders You Can Buy Right Now

Because of the ascent in marijuana sanctioning, pot has been in the public consciousness for quite a long time. Alongside the developing prevalence of pot, weed frills have become fundamental current stuff. Stylishly satisfying and cunningly designed bongs, moving plates, and lines are essential for the cutting-edge smoker’s weapons store. What’s more, the modest weed processor is the first spot on the list.

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Indeed, you could continuously endeavor to pulverize it with your fingers; however, on the off chance that you need a quality smoke meeting, you’ll need to put resources into a strong weed processor. We’ve gathered together the best of the best, so continue looking to find our rundown of the best weed grinders you can purchase now.

What to Look for in a Weed Grinder

Not all weed grinders convey a similar exhibition. And keeping in mind that that $5 cheapo plastic processor could seem like it takes care of business, you’ll need to put resources into something that will endure. Here are the rules to consider while purchasing a weed processor.


Consider where you’ll store your weed processor. On the off chance that you’re about to push it into a cabinet, you probably won’t often think about the nature of the design. Yet, assuming it’ll live on your footstool or work area, you should put resources into something you’d be glad to show. There are a lot of weed grinders with a more shortsighted, helpful way to deal with design. Yet, others offer some authentic style.

Style to the side, you could likewise need to look at the development of the processor. Every compartment in a multi-chamber weed processor has different estimated channels, so you can impeccably tweak the consistency of your weed. A few weed grinders include two chambers, while others offer three or four. At last, this is a choice of individual inclination.


While a plastic weed processor will take care of business, weed grinders made of aluminum or hardened steel will endure longer and deal with more important consistency. Stay away from weed grinders with added paint; you would rather not smoke any buildup with your valuable keif.


If you’re an enthusiastic pothead, feel free to go overboard a little on weed grinders. We wouldn’t suggest burning through every last dollar on a weed processor; however, it merits putting resources into something with a more exorbitant cost tag for better execution and solidness. Consider how frequently you could utilize your processor; on the off chance that it’s an easygoing side interest, then a $20-$30 processor will finish the work.

The Best Weed Grinders

St Nick Cruz Shredder

The Santa Cruz Shredder is the adoptive parent of weed grinders. Modest yet excellent, the Santa Cruz Shredder highlights scratch-safe anodized aluminum. Furthermore, the “knurled” grasp gives a spotless toil without fail. This two-chamber choice is a fantastic passage point for beginners.

Vessel Grinder

For downplayed smokeware, go to the pot adornment brand Vessel. The downplayed aluminum processor is masterfully designed with four separate pieces and a polarized cover. It’s jazzy, unmistakably current, and incredibly viable at crushing your weed.

Another Room Hamburger Grinder

The Hamburger processor is a proclamation piece as a helpful weed processor. We’ve given Another Room a whoop somewhere else for their brilliant, magnificent assortment of weed embellishments. Furthermore, the burger processor is among our #1 things from the brand. This three-level processor will make them pine for some cheap food after your next smoking meeting.

Zam Grinders Modular Pocket Grinder

The secluded pocket processor from Zam Grinders is perfect for in a hurry smoking. You can redo your crushing experience by eliminating various areas. The polarized cover will give a tight seal, while the furrowed edges consider a better hold while crushing your weed. Furthermore, the aluminum construction ensures a long life expectancy for this measured weed processor.

Sackville and Co. Signature Grinder

The Signature Grinder from Sackville and Co. has become an incredibly well-known frill for design-disapproved smokers. This sleek weed processor is as much a craftsmanship piece as it is functional. A cross-section keif screen and keif bowl alongside well-honed teeth give excellent crushing. Besides, the brushed gold is a decadent touch to this quality weed processor.

Purchase: $40

Kannastör GR8TR V2 Grinder

The Kannastor GR8TR V2 weed processor is one more particular choice for the pot fan who favors some assortment. Clients can change the stockpiling chambers and the processor plate for various size grind choices. Because of this customization, it’s best to give super fine crushes assuming that is what you’re searching for.

Banana Bros OTTO Electric Smart Grinder

If you’re searching for a great expenditure pick, go with the OTTO electric shrewd weed processor. This monster accomplishes everything for you. The electric weed processor consequently changes its toil size contingent upon the grass. Furthermore, it crushes directly into a paper cone, so you can undoubtedly move a joint. Manual cleaning is required, and you’ll need to charge It between utilizes; however, this is your best wager for a sans hands-crushing experience.

Nomatiq Ceramic 4-piece Grinder

While expensive, this earthenware 4-piece processor from Nomatiq is attractive and stunningly strong. It’s basic and bright; however, it significantly takes care of business reliably. Each piece snaps together attractively for an even seal, and the top’s edges give a superior grasp. Accessible in white and green.

Tectonic9 Grinder with Auto Dispenser

An unprecedented expansion to the exemplary weed processor, the Tectonic9 incorporates an auto gadget, so there’s a compelling reason to open the processor and spill out the items. The anodized aluminum development makes this weed processor a robust and helpful marijuana embellishment. Press a button and position the processor over your moving paper.

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