Beach Radar and TideWatch

You can easily find the closest beaches to your location with the help of this service. You can choose from several locations such as Clearwater, Dunedin, Belleair, Largo and Indian Rocks Beach in Florida. There are also high-frequency radars that can tell you about Ocean-surface happenings, Oil spills, and more. These services are an excellent choice for those who want to be on the safe side while on vacation.

High frequency radar

The high-frequency (HF) radar is an important tool for coastal and marine research and is used to detect vessels. The technology can detect vessels up to 200 nautical miles from shore. In Canada, the DRDC Ottawa has been developing the technology for decades. They now operate a third generation of HFR near Halifax, Nova Scotia. This radar features a spectrum management scheme that allows for non-interference operations.

Ocean-surface happenings

The new radar system in Satellite Beach will help monitor ocean-surface happenings such as oil spills, sea grapes, and lost at sea. Some environmentalists are concerned that the equipment will harm sea turtle nesting areas, but the panel approved a road through prime wildlife habitat. Here are some facts about the new system. First, there are four types of waves: surface waves, vertical wave waves, and gravity waves.

Tidal predictions

If you’re traveling to a remote location and don’t have access to an internet connection, you can still get accurate tide predictions by using the TideWatch app. With over 7,000 stations worldwide, the TideWatch app includes tide predictions, lunar data, and weather forecasts, as well as current radar. The app will automatically choose the station closest to your location, but you can always change this setting to a different station. You can also choose to follow several stations and change your preferences according to what you want to know.

Oil spills

The U.S. Coast Guard, in partnership with NOAA, has been responsible for ensuring that oil spills are cleaned up. During an oil spill, trained experts can deploy a variety of different tactics and equipment to control the slick and prevent it from spreading further. Floating booms, for example, are designed to keep oil afloat and away from sensitive areas. Skimmers, used off boats, can “skim” oil from the sea surface. Chemical dispersants can also break up a slick from the surface.

Missing persons

If you have information about a missing person, you can contact the law enforcement agencies listed for the missing person’s state. Alternatively, you can register as a public user, and your information will be checked with law enforcement agencies and published on the website. Missing persons may have gone missing because they forgot their phone or were caught in an activity that prevented them from checking in. Contact friends or family members who may have information about the missing person.


As blue-green algae, Beachradar monitors the water in front of beaches, bays, and rivers. These algae live in freshwater and photosynthesize food from carbon dioxide. They tend to live in large colonies, which are often fueled by runoff containing phosphorus, nitrogen, or other nutrients. Warm, shallow water is particularly conducive to blue-green algae growth. As a result, it is important to use beach-safe swimming gear to prevent exposure.


The temperatures at any given beach vary greatly, depending on your location. The temperature at your destination today may be different than that of yesterday, but the temperature at your favorite beach or pool area today should be close to what it was yesterday. In the map below, you’ll find the average monthly temperature for many locations around the world. Temperatures can be even more variable on certain days of the week. Use to check the weather for your destination today!

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