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Alex Ruskman AGFA Collection Free Download

Alex Ruskman AGFA Collection Free Download

AGFA film, cherished for its unique aesthetic, offers a rich color palette and captures scenes with unparalleled warmth and authenticity. Its fine grain delivers sharp images, while its tones provide depth and emotion. Beyond capturing moments, AGFA evokes timeless nostalgia, representing a bridge between photography’s past and present.

Introducing my AGFA film Lightroom preset pack. Designed to reflect the unique characteristics of classic AGFA film, this collection offers an effortless way to infuse your digital photos with the AGFA look. Ideal for both enthusiasts and professionals, these presets provide a simple route to achieve the warmth and authenticity of AGFA’s iconic look.

Film Stocks Included:

  • AGFA APX 100 (2 presets)
  • AGFA APX 400 (3 presets)
  • AGFA SCALA 200 (1 preset)
  • AGFA VISTA 100 (1 preset)
  • AGFA VISTA 400 (4 presets)
  • AGFA VISTA 800 (1 preset)
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