ACL Injury-Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A.C.L. denotes an Anterior Cruciate ligament injury. It has been a common injury in human beings for decades. Especially sportspeople who are used to playing football, cricket, basketball, or hockey get injured by the Anterior Cruciate ligament.

Anterior Cruciate ligament is a connective tear of the knee ligament that helps to join the upper and the lower leg bone. The A.C.L. helps to keep your knee stable. A ligament injury can happen because of a twist or damage in the thigh or knee area. It can cause knee pain and weak weakness swelling in that area. That can also restrict your movement. An ACL Ligament Surgery in Jaipur will help you treat your ligaments and give them a long run.

Causes of ACL Injury

Ligaments tissues connect one bone to another. And the A.C.L. is two ligaments that cross the knee to make it stable. According to the hospital of ACL Ligament Surgery in Jaipur, there can be a lot of reasons for the injury. Like.

  • It mostly happens among the athletes or during a match. Slowing down suddenly or changing the direction of movement can cause an anterior Cruciate ligament injury.
  • You can twist your ankle in a landing from a jump. If you land in an awkward position, it can harm your ligaments.
  • Suppose you are running at speed. And suddenly, you stopped for some reason. It can be the reason for your A.C.L. injury.
  • Having a collision directly in your knee can damage you heavily. It especially happens in a football or rugby match. A player of an opponent team can hit your knees. You can also damage the ligaments of your knees in an accident.

 A ligament injury can be a mild, moderate, or serious injury. Doctors of ACL  Ligament Surgery in Jaipur treat it based on its severity.

Symptoms of ACL Injuries

You can find some symptoms due to having an A.C.L. injury. Here are some symptoms by which you can understand that you have an issue in your knee ligament.

  •  A severe pop or a sharp sensation in your knees
  • If you have an A.C.L. injury, there will be restrictions on your activities and movement. For example, you can’t jump or run fast anymore.
  • You will face rapid swelling in your ligaments area
  • There will be a problem with the movement for you. That means you can’t even move as you want.
  • As the feet give us the strength to bear our weight while standing. As you have an injury in your ligaments, you will face the issue of being stable while standing.

 Treatment of ACL

You can have good treatment of ACL Ligament Surgery in Jaipur.

Doctors use the R.I.C.E. model to treat the A.C.L. Those areā€¦

Rest: General rest is important for any injury. Try to take some sleep so that your knees can get rest.

Ice: Try to use ice for at least twenty minutes every two hours.

Compression: Use a bandage to cover your knee area.

Elevation: Lie down on your knee while having a pillow under your legs

Surgery: You can choose Surgery if you want to recover from your previous action; you can contact the ACL Ligament Surgery in Jaipur. Or otherwise, the A.C.L. will recover in speed.

The Bottom Line

ACL ligament surgery in Jaipur is usually recommended to the sports person as it helps in the complete reconstruction of the knees. It is very helpful for athletes and other sports players, whose sports involve running, jumping, cutting, or any such activity.

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