9 Web Design Trends You Need on Your Website in 2022

Our time is a fast-paced one, and digital designers are frequently at the forefront. Although nothing really changes on the internet, they are constantly taking the next step forward in web design.

From remembering the quirks of the decades gone by to improving user-website interactions, web designers are creating joyful user experiences. Throughout the emerging trends of web design services, however, remains one goal: to engage the users by evoking a fleeting sense of curiosity.

This blog takes a look at 9 of this year’s top trends that will help you accomplish this goal.

Top Trends Web Design Services Are Following This Year

Let’s dive into the most important website design trends of 2022:

DIY Graphics

Handmade graphics make the website appear more relatable thanks to the human touch. It is the reason behind the growing popularity of scribbles, doodles, crayons, and paint-like analog textures this year.

Clever Scrolling

Scrolling is one of the main ways a user interacts with a website. It offers a great opportunity to implement something creative. In 2022, users can expect to scroll toward the mind-blowing, imaginative journeys that website designers intend to take them through.

Many websites contain psychedelic imagery and parallax effects to make it seem like the website is a world in itself.

Shifting Text

Animation enters typography in web design services this year, enabling text to move into circular rotations and side-scrolling tickers. It brings the viewers’ attention to the typography without overwhelming them with excessively animated text.


Designers have been creating sites that combine minimalism with brutalism to form Neo-brutalism this year. Neo-brutalism is essentially the understated, low-key version of brutalism, proving popular among conventional and daring clients alike.

At the same time, it lacks the negative aspects of brutalism that led to the eventual decline in its popularity.

More Interactive Elements 

While scrolling is a somewhat passive interaction, users can have more meaningful engagements with the websites they visit. Designers are amping up website interactions in other aspects of the website, such as clicking, dragging, and swiping.

Visible Grids

Grids are useful because they divide the page into distinct, meaningful sections, making it easier to scan. At the same time, the page doesn’t feel crowded but appears to have a slightly retro look.

Return of The Retro

There was a time when robotic typefaces like Courier, visible table layouts and bright background colors were hilarious. This year, however, they are making a comeback on website design trends, thanks to the collective design experience that spans three decades since the design first launched.

Hero Sections

Typographic hero images are great at commanding a user’s attention, just like a breaking news headline. Designers are set to explore this further with some tasteful, artistic lettering styles.

Memphis design

Taking a stand against minimalism, Memphis’ design embraced color, accessibility, and adventure. 2022 is when many web designers are returning to this design for a much-needed explosion of colorful personality.

In Conclusion

Designing for the future is the essence of web design. The digital space excellently showcases new innovations in immersion and animation every year due to its relationship with technology.

This year is no different, as it has shaped to be a diverse and interesting year in terms of web design services. You can implement some web design trends from the above-mentioned list to improve your reach and grow your business.

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