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25 Sets of Brushes for Procreate App for 2022


Procreate is an app designed for artists that makes it easy to create paintings, drawings, illustrations, and other works of art while on the go. From quick sketches to animations, this app is truly versatile and is marketed as a mobile art studio. Though it comes with over 200 brushes, you can still add more to further add to the complexity of your work. Thats why weve put together a collection of brush sets that you can use in Procreate. And the best part about these brushes is that theyre free, so theres no risk to you for trying them and you can feel that little bit freer to experiment. Though weve researched these brushes and found them to be free, its still a good idea to read any license agreement or terms and conditions before using them in your commercial work. Better to be safe than sorry! You can download Procreate here, and you may also like our round-up of Procreate tutorials. The Procreate Toolbox Unlimited Downloads: 1,000,000+ Brushes, Addons, Mockups, Illustrations, Actions, Presets & much more!


Procreate Grain Brushes 

Procreate Grain Brushes are precisely what they sound like: brushes that add graininess to your work. These speckled, dusty-looking brushes can be used to add texture or age to a project.

25 Sets of Brushes for Procreate App for 2022

Pro Painters Procreate Brushes  

The Pro Painters brush set contains 31 brushes, all perfect for adding light paint or pencil textures to typography and illustrations.

image brushespack 86167 1

This Stippling Brush Set consists of 17 brushes in all: nine stipple brushes, three liner brushes, and five texture brushes. These brushes are multi-faceted and can be used for just about any project you work on.

image brushespack 86168

The Comics and Halftone Procreate Brushes offer up those brushstrokes that have become so synonymous with comic books. They can be used to add the look of real paper or brush strokes – like hash lines, for instance – to a drawing.

image brushespack 86169

This set of five oil paint brushes are made to look and function just like real oil paints. The collection includes True Oil, Small Liner, Bristle Brush, Super Wet, and Legacy Smudger.

image brushespack 86170

Eclectica has been inspired by the retro style from the 1970s and added a touch of pop art to give you a collection of Procreate brushes you can use to create something truly unique. There are a total of 18 stroke and stipple brushes in the pack.

image brushespack 86171

Distressed Wall is a free Procreate brush for adding a chalky-style texture to your designs. Perfect for illustration backgrounds.

image brushespack 86172

Heres another set of brushes for Procreate that center around nature. This natural brush set includes 20 brushes in all and consists of pencils, chalks, and shaders.

image brushespack 86173

Banner Wave is a free Procreate brush set for creating textured and bold hand-drawn typography and calligraphy.

Created by Kelly Sikkema, this free Procreate brush is perfect for creating beautiful typography on a dark background.

Another great free Procreate brush are these Grain Pencil and Copic Marker sets. They mimic the look and feel of real pencil strokes and real lines drawn with a Copic marker – the latter of which manages a level of buildable coverage that is stunning.

This collection of ten basic brushes is perfect if youre starting out using Procreate. These versatile brushes can be used in a multitude of ways.

A free set of pencil brushes that are perfect for both adding texture to an item and drawing. There are a total of 24 unique brushes in the set.

Procreate Pencil Brushes free procreate brushes

Heres another small collection of Procreate brushes that will add texture and personality to your artwork. This set includes six brushes, including two Gouache, two oil paint, and two watercolor brushes. Each performs beautifully and are solid brushes to have in your kit.

image brushespack 86174

The Flora Vegetation Brushes is a massive set with a whopping 91 brushes! All of these brushes are designed to mimic the textures, weights, and tone of things youd find in nature. A must-have for creating nature scenes or even drawing backgrounds.

image brushespack 86176

The Very Dry Gouache Brush lives up to its name. This brush offers a super dry texture that makes every single brush stroke visible. This can be a great thing if thats the artistic style youre going for. Plus, it reveals different textures depending on how hard you press.

image brushespack 86175

The Free Floral Stamp brushes consist of five different brushes that help you capture the look of petals, leaves, vines, and more.

image brushespack 86177

The Ballpoint Pen brush mimics the look of a real ballpoint pen, offering fine strokes that you can layer to build shadows and contrast by applying greater pressure and through the use of hatching.

image brushespack 86176 1

This collection of art brushes includes 21 different brushes for imitating real painting techniques, and they naturally have both wet and dry looks.

image brushespack 86178

If you want to draw realistic hair in Procreate, you will greatly benefit from this HairBrush set. With them, you can create straight or curly hair and achieve a variety of textures.

image brushespack 86178 1

Stripe is a single brush thats well worth the download. Its a smooth calligraphy or lettering brush, and it responds to pressure and layering. A fantastic choice for adding script to your work.

image brushespack 86179

This collection of geometry brushes includes 34 different brushes that make it easy to add shapes, design motifs, and patterns to your work. They could even be used creatively for shading.

image brushespack 86180 1

The Cardboard Procreate brush has a semi-streaky look that can be used for various lettering projects, from signs to business cards to logos.

image brushespack 86180

Heres a collection of 7 anime bokeh brushes that are certain to add flair to your next drawing. And they can be used in several ways to achieve different effects depending on the layer style you use.

image brushespack 86181

The Comic Ink Brush Set for Procreate includes 16 inking and SFX brushes for creating comic books from scratch. From fine liners to gradients, you have everything you need here to get started.

image brushespack 86183

This collection of swatches arent brushes per se, but they are still extremely useful for creating artwork in Procreate. With these, choosing colors should no longer be an issue.

image brushespack 86182

This is a nice collection of lettering brushes that are a bit unusual and honestly appreciated. Theres a shrub brush, a wood grain brush, and even a worm brush!

image brushespack 86184

Heres a collection of 48 (yes, you read that correctly) brushes for Procreate that let you mimic wet media. There are too many watercolor effects to name here, so youll definitely want to download it for yourself.

image brushespack 86184 1

Need marker brushes? This set offers two options: an opaque marker and a variable opacity marker. They offer irregular coverage that looks more natural.

image brushespack 86185

This free Procreate brush features a natural bristle brush for creating the look of brushstrokes on a linen canvas. It also uses the wet blending feature in Procreate to mimic a realistic painting experience.

image brushespack 86185 1

Matts Painting Set is an all-purpose brush set for those using the gouache painting style. Add fine lines, texture, grit, or even airbrush effects with this free set.

image brushespack 86186

The Cheap Fine-Liner Brush is a recreation of a 0.6 technical pen. Its precise and allows you to create fine line drawings or to fill in tiny details. A great addition to any brush collection.

image brushespack 86187
image brushespack 86188

The Pencil, Inking, Painting Basic Brush Set consists of 7 brushes for creating comic art from scratch. Its got all you need to conceptualize a piece from the sketch phase through painting.

image brushespack 86189

Now that youve had a chance to browse this collection of free brush sets for the Procreate app, hopefully, youll have either already downloaded a few or have put together a nice shortlist to revisit.

These free brushes make it easy to add precision or texture to your work without creating designs from scratch. Plus, they add the dimension your work needs without adding cost. All in all, this is a solid collection of Procreate brushes that can be used in various types of art. Happy creating!

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